Vol 51 Issue 20

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Our Anniversary Celebration

What was undoubtedly the climax of this year of celebration of our Fiftieth Anniversary as Protestant Reformed Churches took place in Grand Rapids on August 5, 6, and 7 in connection with our annual Young People’s Convention. We celebrated. Oh, how we celebrated!

Report of Classis East

Classis East met in regular session on July 2, 1975 at the First Prot. Ref. Church of Holland, Michigan. Each church was represented by two delegates. The session was brief, the business routine, but the fellowship experienced and the unity evidenced was plenty reason to give thanks to God for calling the representatives of the congregations together. Rev. R. Van Overloop chaired this session of the classis.

News From Our Churches

Did you know that Rev. Kuiper has a vanity plate? Well, we wouldn’t really call it vanity, but, with a view to this year’s celebration, he did request and receive a car license plate which reads PRC—50.

Exposition of Hebews 13:5, 6

The position of the Hebrew Christians in the world was very precarious; they are surrounded by cruel foes, not the least of their own country-men. They have need of patience, that, after they have done the will of God, they may receive the promise. They are pilgrims and strangers in the world as were their patriarchal fathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And it was needful that they walk in faith as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Keep Thy Tongue!

What do you think is the worst sin? Granted, that is quite a question. The worst sin! Typically, we might be inclined to back off by raising a related question. Is there such a thing as bad, worse, and worst sins as far as God is concerned? Are they not all terrible? Certainly there is not such a thing as a “little” sin in God’s eyes? Fair question. No, we agree, that before God no sin is considered small. Nevertheless, this is not the same as saying that all sins are equally bad. There are degrees of sins as well...

The Big “Eye”

On various occasions and in different ways, I and others have had the opportunity to say somewhat concerning television. Bear with me in that I am constrained to do this once more. 

Question Box

CONCERNING A DIALOGUE CHURCH One of our California readers asked me to make some comments about the idea of a dialogue church, sometimes also called a modalities church. My questioner left his question general, but I assume that he desires some comments on the right or wrong of such a dialogue church, as well as on the dangers of it.

Christian Schools and the Law

Several decisions which have recently been made by the courts have repercussions for our Christian Schools. The first has to do with matters of racial discrimination and tax exemption.  A recent article in the Grand Rapids Press, entitled “IRS Bars Discrimination in Tax-Exempt Church Schools” speaks of an Internal Revenue Service ruling. We quote the article here in its entirety. The whole article is not altogether clear on some points, but the general thrust of the ruling is clear enough.

Home Again!

Late on Thursday night, July 31, the Rev. C. Hanko, Mrs. Hoeksema, and I arrived home to the greetings of a large number of family and friends, after an extended tour in behalf of our churches in New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, and Singapore. 

Editor’s Notes

Publication Delay. Earlier we announced that Rev. D. Engelsma’s book, Marriage: The Mystery of Christ and the Church was scheduled to appear in June. Sorry, but there has been unavoidable delay at the bindery. To those who have already ordered the book: don’t worry; our Business Manager has your orders and will fill them as soon as the book is available.