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“Hyper-Calvinism” and the Call of the Gospel (12)

It has been our purpose so far in this series of articles to show that denial of the well-meant offer of the gospel is not hyper-Calvinism. Hyper-Calvinism we have defined as the heresy that denies that God’s external call in the preaching of the gospel goes out to others than the elect and that inevitably results in the restriction and, finally, the loss of lively, promiscuous proclamation of the gospel. We found the essential evil of the well-meant offer to be its doctrine that God is gracious in the preaching of the gospel of Christ to all hearers, not only...

News From Our Churches

It happens that, because of an unusual summer schedule, this column was written on June 12—which shouldn’t really make a particle of difference, since the Standard Bearer news is never current anyway. I just finished my copy for the July 1 issue, and I find that I still have some material left over. I figured that, if it would have been good enough for July news, it ought to be good enough for the August column too. (What we need is a new news writer.)

Book Reviews

PEACEABLE FRUIT, by Gertrude Hoeksema; Reformed Free Publishing Association, 1974; 310 pp., $5.95. There is a great lack of good material on covenant instruction and child-training which is written from the perspective of Scripture, which is suitable for covenant parents who are dedicated to “bringing up their children in the fear of the Lord” and who are aware of the difficult task this really is. This book can and will go a long way towards filling that lack.

“Should We Use Unleavened Bread in the Lord’s Supper?”

Last summer while vacationing in Minnesota for a couple of days I happened to meet a Lutheran minister. After becoming acquainted somewhat, we fell to discussing matters of religion and theology, especially the differences between the Reformed and Lutheran branches of the Reformation. As could be expected, the subject of the meaning of the Lord’s Supper came up, and along with that the question of the symbolism involved. My acquaintance volunteered the information that in some Lutheran churches grape juice is used rather than, wine in the observance of the sacrament.

Exposition of Hebrews 13:4

THE HONORABLENESS OF MARRIAGE IN THE LORD—continued.  Only those who hold to the faith in Christ Jesus have a reason for holding to the sanctity and honorableness of Marriage. Our faith in God is a faith in the “Creator” of heaven and earth. Those who do not worship the Creator must needs worship the creature. (Rom.

A Report of the Synod of 1975

The General Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America met this year in our Hull, Iowa Church. While this is our 50th Anniversary as Protestant Reformed Churches, this was the 36th annual meeting of Synod, since the Churches did not organize into the Classical-Synodical structure until the year 1940. The sessions of Synod began on Wednesday, June 11, at 9:00 A.M. and continued daily through Tuesday, June 17, when at 7:00 P.M. the Synod of 1975 adjourned. The Synodical Prayer Service was held under the auspices of the Hull consistory on Tuesday evening, June 10. The Rev. David J.

“The Holy Spirit: True And Eternal God”

We believe and confess also, that the Holy Ghost, from eternity, proceeds from the Father, and Son; and therefore neither is made, created, nor begotten, but only proceedeth from both; who in order is the third person of the Holy Trinity; of one and the same essence, majesty and glory with the Father, and the Son: and therefore, is the true and eternal God, as the Holy Scriptures teach us. The Belgic Confession, Article XI

God’s Judgment Humbling Sinners—Isaiah 2:10-22

1. God will stagger carnally secure sinners (10). Read the text in your King James Bible and compare with the Hebrew offered as we consider verse by verse. “Go in the rock and hide thyself in the dust from the faces (God is triune) of the terror of Jehovah, and from the splendor of His majesty” (Hebrew). With judgment ready to fall there is nothing left but for the nation to dive into the rocks to bury itself in the dust to hide from the many faceted terror of Jehovah. Not a call to repentance, this is a warning of...

Thoughts On Our Golden Anniversary (4)

One of the important aspects of our heritage as Protestant Reformed Churches is the church political aspect of that heritage. As we commemorate our Golden Anniversary as a denomination, and as at that occasion we are reminded of our heritage, our thoughts undoubtedly turn primarily to our doctrinal and confessional heritage, the heritage of the truth. And if at all, then only secondarily do we probably think of the heritage which is ours from a church political point of view. And this order is quite natural and proper.

The Secret Of The Believer’s Life

“I have set the Lord always before me; Because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.” Psalm 16:8