Vol 51 Issue 18

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News From Our Churches

By the time this appears in print, Rev. C. Hanko and Prof. Hoeksema will be well into their work on the other side of the world. About the middle of June they left Michigan and the United States, and headed for Australia and New Zealand. According to Southwest’s bulletin, they will, “as representatives of our churches, be busy working with contacts in that area until about the first part of August.” Along with the writer of that announcement, “we wish them God-speed and we pray that the Lord may richly bless them and their activities among the brethren ‘down under.'”

Book Reviews

Holy Scripture, by G. C. Berkouwer; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Mich. 377 pages, $8.95 (cloth). [Reviewed by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema]

About Woman Suffrage

From an aged sister in Grand Rapids comes the following question: “Here I come with a question, rather old-fashioned in nature; but to me it is always of importance.

Doon’s New Church Building Dedicated

It was my privilege to be in Doon at the time of the dedication of their new and beautiful church building. Rev. R. Moore sent the following article and pictures for publication in the Standard Bearer. Our readers share with Doon congregation their joy in this evidence of God’s goodness to them and pray that they may find their delight in the favor of our God in the way of His truth. —H. Hanko

Jamaica Journey

The emissaries to Jamaica have submitted an official report of their findings which will appear in the Agenda of Synod and which will be made known to our membership. But I would like to tell you of my personal first-time-visit to that tropical island.

An Advocate for the Devil?

How can we condemn something if we don’t know first hand what’s wrong with it? Heavy, you say! Indeed. But let me wrestle with you for a few minutes with this problem that probably has caused some degree of consternation in your life already. 

Five Plus Three Equals Zero (2)

Last time we pointed out that when a church that has the live points of Calvinism as its confession adds the first point of “Common Grace,” it loses that first point of Calvinism, namely, total depravity. For one who maintained the truth that man is spiritually dead loses that truth the minute that this one speaks of a man with ability to perform a work.

Lest We Forget

There are especially three significant facts connected with this happy occasion which come to mind.

A Special Event

Friday, May 23, was a very special occasion for our Theological School. It was the date of our first pre-seminary graduation. A few years ago our synod inaugurated a 4-year pre-seminary program at the seminary, the equivalent of a full college program. Most of the required subjects in this pre-sem program of 125 hours are taught at the seminary; the remainder of the credits required are obtained by our students at a local college. This year we reaped the firstfruits of that new program. Five young men received their pre-seminary diplomas.