Vol 50 Issue 14

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News From Our Churches

Calls being considered at the time of this writing are the following: Rev. G. Lanting, from Loveland; Rev. G. Lubbers, from Prospect Park; and Rev. R. Harbach, to serve as home missionary in Houston.

Eschatology—The First Period

(80-250 A.D.) THE INTERMEDIATE STATEDiscussing the history of the doctrine of the Intermediate State as confessed by the church during the early years of the New Dispensation, we were calling attention in our preceding article to the Jewish doctrine as being far in advance of heathen notions and conjectures, as set forth by Philip Schaff in his History of the Christian Church, Vol. II. And we concluded our article with the remark that in this article we would call attention to the Talmud as it adds various fanciful embellishments, Vol.

If Ye Be Willing

Come you now, and argue together, saith Jehovah: if your sins were made as crimson, as snow they will be made white; if they were caused to be red as crimson, as wool they will be. If ye be willing, and hear, the goodness of the land ye shall eat. But if ye refuse and rebel, by the sword ye shall be eaten: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

Divinely Decreed Distinction

Noah sinned and did so in a way that publicly introduced into the new world the sins for which God had destroyed the old world. His three sons were aware of his sinfulness. One responded in delight, the other two with sorrow before God and profound respect for their father. 

Two By Two?

In the last article on the above subject, a brief history of Synodical decisions (1946-1953) was presented. It was discovered that although one Synod decided it was Biblically correct to have two missionaries laboring together in the same field, a later Synod determined that this was not a principle and did not set forth an inflexible rule for mission work throughout the present dispensation. In this article several passages from the Book of the Acts will be examined and some practical remarks will be offered.

The Standard Bearer in Retrospect

(A well-known writer in the Standard Bearer yet today is the Rev. J. A. Heys. In earlier issues of the magazine, and until recently, he wrote for the rubric, “In His Fear”. The Rev. J. Heys has been known for the clever titles of his articles as well as for the striking turn of the phrase. With these, he drives home the point of the Word of God to which he would call our attention. In the Standard Bearer of April 1, 1953 appears another of such articles.

All Around Us

World Home Bible League and “Reach Out”  There was a time when the World Home Bible League was instrumental in placing Bibles in many places and distributing translations of the Bible throughout the world. Through their efforts the Bible was placed in the hands of countless people. This work was supported by many of our people and collections were taken for this work in many Reformed Churches. But this organization is no longer worthy of our support. I quote from a recent article in Calvinist Contact.

A Step Towards A New Confession In The GKN

It is rather ironic, we think, that in the Gereformeerde Kerken of the Netherlands, where our Three Forms of Unity have been ruthlessly trampled and emasculated and where there has been no inclination whatsoever to respect and to maintain the old confessions, there has been discussion and action toward producing a newconfession. Yet such is the case. 

Seeking The Things Above

“If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. “ Colossians 3:1