Vol 49 Issue 09

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Report of Classis East

Classis East met in regular session on January 3, 1973 in our Hope Church. Rev. Harbach Red in opening devotions and Rev. Schipper was the chairman of this session. Each church was represented by two delegates. Professors Hanko and Hoeksema were given advisory vote. 

News From Our Churches

Classis Report In the little remaining space . . . two short items, gleaned from bulletins:  Two of our congregations, apparently, are planning building projects. Hope Church in Grand Rapids has announced its intention to sell the, present parsonage, with a view to building a new one. And the December 24 bulletin from Randolph indicated that, at a recent congregational meeting, “the proposed plan for the new church building was accepted.” 

Book Reviews

Studies In The Book Of Daniel, Vols. I, II, by Robert Dick Wilson (Baker, 11972, 688 pp., $9.95). Reviewed by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema.  This is a very worthwhile volume in a series of publications which, on the whole, already contains several works worthy of preservation through reprinting, works which deserve a place in the libraries of preachers and theologians. I refer to Baker’s “Limited Editions Library.” 

All Around Us

Modern Views Of Marriage  In many different ways and from many different sources, the home is under attack today. A concerted and devilish effort is being made to destroy utterly this fundamental institution of society which was ordained by God at the very dawn of history. Included in the quote below is a modern sociologist’s views on the need for radical change in family life. It gives some idea as to the thinking of all too many people in this country. We are indebted to Christian News for the quote.

16. It’s Proclamation (cont.)

This truth is not a part of modern-day evangelism and its methods. In the last two generations, the revivalistic evangelists never referred to it, except, perhaps, to deal it a backhand slap. Modern mass evangelism, mainly, preaches a humanistic religion, based, as it is, on free will. Modern evangelists regard those as naive and narrow who: think of their cause as a compromise. Their “co-operative” evangelism is no compromise.

Divorce and Remarriage (4)

One of the beautiful Reformed principles for determining truth is sola Scriptura, only the Scriptures. This must be our guiding light as we now explore the Biblical principles concerning the duration of marriage, how to handle difficulties if they arise within marriage, and what to do if a marriage breaks down. Is divorce a Scriptural option for the believer? And if so, is remarriage proper in any circumstances? We may not be guided by our emotions, even though they inevitably run very high in dealing with such a sensitive subject.

The Doctrine Of Atonement (Reformation Period)

We were busy, in our preceding article, with a discussion of Art. V of the Rejection of Errors of Head II of the Canons. Let us quote this article again: Who teach: That all men have been accepted unto the state of reconciliation and unto the grace of the covenant, so that no one is worthy of condemnation on account of original sin, and that no one shall be condemned because of it, but that all are free from the guilt of original sin. For this opinion is repugnant to Scripture which teaches that we are by nature children of...

Mixed Seed And A Fixed Crop

There are no female angels.  Neither are there baby angels.  The mind of man under the power of sin likes to run wild in its imagination, and refuses to listen to the Word of God. And then men speak of “cherubs” or baby angels, and draw pictures of them to try to express what these creatures look like, while admitting that they never saw one. 

Implications of the Kuitert Decision

Thus far we have not noticed much comment—either critical or favorable—about the Kuitert Decision in the religious press on this side of the Atlantic. It would seem to us, however, that not only comment but also decisions will have to be forthcoming sooner or later. This is due to the fact that the Gereformeerde Kerkenof the Netherlands occupy a place among Reformed churches and stand in so me kind of relationship to many other denominations of the Reformed community. For one thing, they are members of the RES, along with many other Reformed churches.