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Report of Classis East

Classis East met in a most enjoyable and fruitful session on the 4th of October in Southwest Church. After the opening devotions by Rev. C. Hanko and the opening remarks of the chairman for the day, Rev. R.C. Harbach, Classis concerned itself with the main item of business: the examination of minister-elect Ronald Van Overloop.

News From Our Churches

As is plain from the report which follows this news column, Classis East met on October 4. From Hope’s bulletin we read that this session of Classis was of “Particular significance to us as congregation, as our pastor-elect will be examined.” The announcement concluded with the fitting prayer “that our faithful God may sustain him and continue to bless him as he nears his long sought-after goal of undershepherd of the King of the Church.” At a worship service, led by Rev. H. Veldman, in Hope on October 5, pastor-elect Ronald J. VanOverloop was ordained into the ministry. 

Bring the Books

THEY CHOSE TO LIVE: The Racial Agony of an American Church, by J. Herbert Gilmore, Jr.; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1972; 206 pp., $2.95 (paper). [Reviewed by Prof. H Hanko]  Perhaps our readers will recall that about two years ago the news media in this country gave extensive coverage to an event in the First Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama. At that time the church refused to receive two blacks—a black woman and her daughter. This resulted in the resignation of the pastor and the formation of a new congregation. 

A Defense Of Calvinism As The Gospel (continued)

Another of the five points of Calvinism is the truth of limited atonement. There is deliverance for fallen men only in Jesus Christ, God’s eternal Son in our flesh. This deliverance occurred in the death of Christ on the cross. His death was atonement for sins, inasmuch as He satisfied the righteousness of God, suffering the penalty of God’s wrath in our stead who deserved that wrath because of our sins. Jesus’ death was efficacious; it saved! It saved everyone for whom He died. It removed, in full, the punishment of everyone in whose stead Jesus died.

Man Created, Not Evolved

“We believe that God created man out of the dust of the earth, and made and formed him after his own image and likeness, good, righteous, and holy, capable in all things to will, agreeably to the will of God. But being in honor, he understood it not, neither knew his excellency, butt willfully subjected himself to sin, and consequently to death, and the curse, giving ear to the words of the devil.

The Paving of Sin’s Highway

Sin is a one-way street. All its traffic goes in one direction. And that direction is to hell! Always it leads away from God and unto the place where man everlastingly will be aware of God’s holy wrath against sin. Only by crossing over to the way of righteousness can one go in the direction of covenant fellowship with God and the joys of His kingdom.

All Around Us

Creation and Evolution in the Public Schools  Several months ago The Standard Bearer published a review of a series of science manuals to be used in the public school system in California which present creationism as a viable alternative to evolutionism. These manuals were prepared by the Creation Research Society. The purpose of these manuals must be clearly understood. The purpose was not to banish the teaching of evolutionism from the public school system. The purpose was not to insist on the teaching of creationism alone as the truth of God’s Word.

The Crisis Mounts

In the July-August number of The Reformed Journalnotice was taken by Dr. James Daane of the two articles I contributed some months ago to this paper under the title “The Crisis in the Southern Presbyterian Church.” And while I am appreciative in some respects for the interest he shows in our situation, yet at the same time I cannot forbear to reply. Certain of the conclusions which Dr.

Question Box

About “Unordained Preachers”  From a Western Michigan reader I received the following: 

An Unholy Alliance

“A historic ‘first’ in ecumenical adventure took place in Grand Rapids, Michigan, August 28-30 that may hopefully be the beginning of similar ventures throughout the nation.” (The Banner, Oct. 6, 1972)  “Ecumenical history was made here this week when that strolling religious troubadour, Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, paced in front of Catholic, Missouri Synod Lutheran and Christian Reformed educators at the Civic Auditorium.” (The Grand Rapids Press, Sept. 2, 1972)  To what do these glowing statements refer?