Vol 49 Issue 17

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News From Our Churches

Mr. Vander Wal, our business manager, has submitted a couple of contributions for use in this column “when space allows.” We enjoy those contributions, but . . . space didn’t allow, in the last several issues; so to make certain I don’t neglect them any longer, I’ll place one at the beginning this time. 

Eschatology—In the Old Testament

In our preceding article we began to call attention to the doctrines known as Eschatology. And we began this series of articles by calling attention to this doctrine as set before us in the Old Testament. We concluded this article by quoting from the Old: Testament Scriptures in connection with the return of our Lord Jesus Christ upon the clouds of heaven and as occurring at the end of the ages. 

Righteous In This Generation

The Hebrew has a short verb, no longer than our verb “go,” that can be translated either as come or go.

This Is ‘Reformed’ Evangelism?

One of the signs of the last days is the apostasy within the churches. I have reminded you of this in past articles. To my mind, this remains one of the clearest signs that the return of our Lord is at hand.  In this connection, I would call your attention once more to “Key 73” and its progress in our city of Grand Rapids. I fear the danger of overdoing opposition to a certain project as this—yet so much of what I see is so disturbing that I believe it necessary to point it out and warn against walking in...

Exposition of the Book of Hebrews (Hebrews 11:24-26)

The writer to the Hebrews here lets a second instance of challenging and conquering faith pass in review. In the former verse we noticed the faith of Moses’ parents in hiding him for three months when he was born because they saw that he was a goodly child; he was beautiful before God. This they saw and apprehended in faith, as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

Television—A Homogenizing Influence

Periodic perusal of a little magazine called T.V. Guideprovides one an acquaintance-with programming in this medium, as well as with the trends that this programming is taking. It also allows the pastor to ask knowledgeable, even pointed, questions on family visitation. Most importantly, this pastor is constantly convinced that television viewing has no place in the life of the Christian individual and family.

Christian Witnessing (2)

The Calling  This brings us specifically to the question of the calling to witness. 

The OPC and “Free Offer” (3)

BASICALLY, A QUESTION OF EXEGETICAL METHOD  But about this presently. I want to refer to a few quotations from Dr. A. Kuyper and Dr. H. Bavinck.  The latter writes in his Dogmatics, I, 644-666: 

A Significant Lecture

This department is not in the habit of commenting on lectures given by any of our ministers. Nor is it the intention of this article to editorialize about a lecture this time.  But the Standard Bearer is interested in witnessing to the truth with respect to burning issues of the day.  And we are interested, too, in having that witness reach as many as possible.