Vol 49 Issue 15

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Our Labors In Florida

In this article we submit to our people a report of our labors in Florida. Our people know, of course, that the Mission Committee of our Protestant Reformed Churches sent the undersigned to labor for six Sundays in the Bradenton area of Florida. And I am sure that they wish to be informed of our work there. 

News From Our Churches

A couple of news items of current interest will probably still fit on this page, along with the Classis Report. For the first, I’ll quote a paragraph from our newly organized church in Jenison, Michigan.  “At the Congregational Meeting held March 29. ‘Faith’ was selected as the name for our church. The pastoral call was extended to Rev. D. Engelsma and a budget of $10.00 for the General Fund and $2.00 for the Building Fund was adopted.” 

Report of Classis East

Classis East met in regular session on the 4th of April in Southeast Church. Present for the first time were the delegates from the newly organized Faith Prot. Ref. Church in Jenison, Michigan. Each church was represented by two delegates. Rev. G. VanBaren presided over this session of classis. 

Principle of Education, No. 4

In the midst of an in distinction from the evil world that lieth in darkness and is perverse in all its ways because of sin, it is the calling of the people of God to live by grace form the principle of regeneration according to the will of God in every sphere of life, individual, family, social, industrial, political and ecclesiastical, so that they may be children of light in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation. Hence, they insist that all education, that must prepare their children for such an all-sided Christian walk in the world, shall be...

Book Reviews

Lectures in Systematic Theology, Robert L. Dabney; Zondervan Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.; 903 1 pp., $12.95. [Reviewed by Prof. H. C. Hoeksema] 

Exposition of the Book of Hebrews (Hebrews 11:24)

The General Argument and Exhortation It is well to pick up the thread just a bit at this juncture of our series of essays on Hebrews 11. The writer is concerned about the spiritual attitude of the Hebrews. There is a great temptation which besets them inasmuch as the way to receiving the final promise, with all that this implies, seems a long way off. The church enters into glory and salvation through much tribulation; often this tribulation is deep, intense and repetitive.

Studies in Isaiah (1)

Introduction  It was Lowth (d. 1787) who said, “Isaiah is certainly one of the most difficult of all the prophets, though perhaps few are sensible of it but they who try to explain him . . . He that will undertake to fathom the depths of this prophecy is in great danger of going out of his own” depth. With this warning in mind, one would certainly hesitate before plunging into the bottomless sea of Isaiah’s sixty-six chapters. Yet as you scan the whole of the sixty-six books of the Bible, you see before you nothing less than a limitless...

Divorce and Remarriage (6)

Our attention is now directed to the New Testament evidence on the subject of divorce and remarriage. Our purpose is to present a concise analysis of the pertinent texts and the conclusions we draw from them. CHRIST’S TEACHING IN  MATT. 19 

The Importance of the Preaching of God’s Word (3)

In our day there is a massive assault on the preaching of the Word and a large scale defection from the Word that is preached. There is, first of all, an assault on the preaching itself. There is a strong, open movement today to do away with the public preaching by an ordained preacher. Men are replacing the preaching, at least partially, with discussions, with films, and with various kinds of other gimmicks.

Developments in the Gereformeerde Kereken

In 2 recent issues of the RES Newsletter, three articles appeared concerning developments in the Gereformeerde Kerken. The first one is entitled “Society of Concerned in Reformed Churches in the Netherlands to Become a Modality Group.” It reads: