Vol 49 Issue 13

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News From Our Churches

From a January bulletin from Doon we learn that Rev. Kortering and Rev. Moore conducted church visitation, during the week of January 28th, in Lynden, Redlands, and Loveland. “In order to make this trip more profitable for our churches,” the announcement continued “(the two ministers) will preach or lecture in each place. Rev. Moore will preach in Lynden and lecture in Redlands, and Rev. Kortering will lecture in Loveland.” From the January 28 bulletin of our Redlands congregation, we learn that the topic of Rev.

Distinguishing Grace

Someone some years ago said, “Grace is God giving everything for nothing to those who deserve nothing.” 

Pure and Undefiled Religion (10)

Chapter 1:22-25, Doers of the Word and Not Hearers Only 

The Doctrine Of Atonement (Reformation Period)

THE SYNOD OF DORDT   THE CANONS  The seventh and final article of the Rejection of Errors of Head II of our Canons, relative to the atonement of our Lord Jesus Christ, reads as follows: Who teach: That Christ neither could die, needed to die, nor did die for those whom God loved in the highest degree and elected to eternal life, and did not die for these, since these do not need the death of Christ. For they contradict the Apostle, who declares: “Christ loved me, and gave Himself for me,”

All Around Us

Continuing Presbyterians  We have, from time to time, made mention in these columns of the struggle going on in the Presbyterian Church US over the liberalism and doctrinal apostasy present in that denomination. Last year, four different conservative groups within that denomination banded together for the purposes of making plans to preserve the true Presbyterian confession in doctrine and church polity.

As To The Ethics Of Criticism

Question From a reader in California I received a question via—this is a new one for me—long distance telephone. The question is as follows: “Is it ethical for a minister to criticize or to approve of a tape-recorded sermon of a minister of another denomination?”

Some Pertinent Questions About Our Reformed Position (3)

Question  Our readers will recall that one of our Canadian readers sent in a series of questions, of which we have thus far answered only the first. We are now up to the second question, which was put as follows: “In view of I Tim. 4:10, can we not say that there is common grace, or a favor from God for all men, believer and unbeliever alike?” 

With Christ In Paradise

“And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise.”  Luke 23:43

That Insane Amusement-Notion

(Editor’s Note. The following editorial from Volume IV of the Standard Bearer is dated, as will be evident from some of its references. But in its main thrust it is very much up-to-date, both for the young and the not-so-young. Why do I place it? I have in mind not only the amusement-craze in general, whose inroads have been all too large among us—if we will only examine ourselves.