Vol 49 Issue 04

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Report of Classis West

Report of the Fall, 1972 Meeting of Classis West 

News From Our Churches

At the installation of now Rev. W. Bekkering, Rev. R. Decker read the Form and Prof. H.C. Hoeksema led the service. After the service a lunch was served in the church basement. In Randolph’s bulletin of the following Sabbath, Rev.

Book Reviews

THE GROUND OF CERTAINTY, by Donald Bloesch; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co., 1970; 212 pp., $3.25 (paper). (Reviewed by J. Huisken)  Dr. Donald Bloesch is currently professor of theology at the Dubuque Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. The cover of the book calls attention to other works of Bloesch, but this is my first contact with any of his writings.  Every book has a purpose, a moving force or urgency for its being written, and this book is no exception. Itsraison d’etre is stated by Bloesch in the “Foreword”:

The Enemy Within

The title may seem a bit pretentious. It could certainly be used in various different senses. I am concerned particularly in the attempt of Satan to infiltrate our very homes in order to instruct in the lie. We are, perhaps, not too aware of his attempt. Nor are we always aware of the fact that as the time of the end approaches, Satan will increasingly try to speak to us. His time is short—and he knows that. He, therefore, works frantically in order to undermine or destroy (if such were possible) the faith of the saints. 

RFPA Secretary’s Report and Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report Mr. Chairman, Members of the RFPA, and Friends:  It is my duty as secretary to report to you tonight on the principal activities which have occurred throughout the past year in connection with the publishing of theStandard Bearer. 

Addressing God In Prayer

“God, you’re the greatest. “ “God,. . . . . you’re a cool cat. “ “Hello, Dad.”

Divorce and Remarriage (2)

In our search for a Biblical understanding of divorce and remarriage we continued our investigation of the position taken in past generations.

The Doctrine Of Atonement (Reformation Period)

How detailed and thorough the fathers are in their rejection and repudiation of the Arminian error! In this Second Head of the Canons they not only set forth the truth of the atonement positively, but not less than seven lengthy articles are devoted by them in their rejection if this heresy in the section of the Canons called: The Rejection of Errors. This heresy of Arminianism must be completely throttled and stamped out in the hearts and minds of the people and church of the Lord. Is this a lesson for us?

Pure and Undefiled Religion (3)

chap. 1:2-4, (continued)  “My brethren” James writes. There is the affection of the love of God in this address, “My brothers.” The inspired writer means to identify himself with the saints in the dispersion. He wants them to understand that he knows what they are experiencing in the divers temptations they encounter. They must be assured that the admonition of these verses and the sharp rebukes of the letter generally are meant for their eternal good. James writes out of the love of God for the brothers scattered abroad. 

More On Evengelism Thrust

More than once in these columns we have discussed the so-called “Key ’73” program which, in the Christian Reformed Church, is called “Evangelism Thrust.” We have discussed and criticized the entire program and written a report on the book “Who In The World?” which is intended to serve as guidelines for participation in this program.