Vol 47 Issue 18

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News From Our Churches

We have an abundance of news again—more than we can handle, in fact. That’s due partly to the fact that theStandard Bearer appears less often during the summer months, and partly to the regularity with which most of our church supply this writer with Sunday bulletins. This month, in addition to the “regulars,” we’ve also received bulletins from one of our churches from whom we haven’t heard for about a year, and from another whose bulletin we have never before seen. 

The Communication Gap

God has given to us an invaluable gift; the gift of speech or communication.  The Most High God Himself speaks to us, His people. We hear the voice of Jehovah in the cheerful song of the birds at break of day, in the wild dashing of the waves upon the seashore, in the rumblings of the thunder. Jehovah our God also speaks to us through His infallible Word. Take that from us and even the testimony of the Spirit within us is silenced! 

The Church Wedding

The subject of church weddings is admittedly not very popular. Not only are we under the sacred obligation to promote this kind of a wedding, see Art. 70 of our Church Order, but there is every advantage for our young people and the church in general if this would become the accepted way for marriage.

“The Devil Is Dead”

Your reaction to the statement that forms the title of our contribution to this department of our magazine for this month will depend upon who you are.  This title will make a different impression upon the believer than it will upon the unbeliever. It will bring forth a different reaction on the part of the conservative believer than it will on the part of the liberal. It will bring forth a different reply from one who loves God and His kingdom than from one who is one of Satan’s tools and representatives here upon this earth. 

About “Close” Communion

Question  Mr. Editor:  Would you please explain in the Standard Bearer why we speak of “close” rather than of “closed” communion in the Protestant Reformed Churches?  A Reader  Reply  Briefly, the different possibilities with respect to admission to the Lord’s Supper are as follows: 

Dr. K. Runia To Kampen

Dr. Klaas Runia, who occupied the chair of dogmatics and ethics at the Reformed Theological College in Geelong, Australia, has accepted an appointment to the chair of pastoral studies at Kampen, the seminary of the Gereformeerde Kerken in the Netherlands. Our readers will recall that it was especially the views of Dr. Runia which came under attack in the churches of New Zealand and Australia, particularly from the quarter of the Reformed and Presbyterian Fellowship of Australasia and their organ, The Reformed Guardian.

Letter To The Gereformeerde Kerken From Our Synod

For several years our synodical Committee for Correspondence with Foreign Churches has been in contact with the Deputies for Correspondence of theGereformeerde Kerken with a view to some kind of official relationship. Last year, however, upon advice of the Committee, our Synod decided to break off these efforts. At the same time, the Synod instructed the Committee for Correspondence to draft a suitable letter of admonition to the Gereformeerde Kerken. This; letter was presented to our 1971 Synod and approved.

Synod of 1971

It is not too often that the Protestant Reformed Churches meet in Synod in the Midwest. And yet it is a rare treat. The Midwest was beautiful at this time of the year. The rolling countryside with its acres and acres of lush farm land presented an ever-changing panorama of beauty to those who took the time to look. The corn and alfalfa, the oats and soybeans, the pasture land and cattle reminded one of the bounties of God’s earth. Repeated rains during the Synod brought much needed moisture to the land.