Vol 47 Issue 02

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Election—Introductory Remarks

No truth suffers more the attack of man’s natural hatred, enmity and opposition than the truth of election. It has its foes both in the house of its friends and in the doubting castle of those who know the least about it. It is denied both by those formally acquainted with its mysteries, and by others never having made it the object of fair investigation. It is held down in unrighteousness both by the master of Israel and by the hewer of wood or drawer of water. Where evident in the young, it is castigated as youthful dotings in imagined...

News From Our Churches

We have a requested announcement that is, for this column, rather unusual in that it’s advance news. “The Reformation and the Unchaining of the Scriptures”—if the lecture is as good as the title (and with Prof. Hanko speaking, it no doubt will be), you’ll certainly want to be at First Church of Grand Rapids on October 30 at 8 P.M.

Annual Reports, RFPA

ANNUAL SECRETARY’S REPORT—RFPA  Society Members and Friends of the Ref. Free Publishing Asso.  Dear Brethren,  In the past year the Board has labored harmoniously in executing the task of publishing the Standard Bearerunder the able leadership of our president, Richard Teitsma.

Exposition on Jude 1:24, 25

The living church, who lives a godly life and keeps her garments unspotted from the world, lives a truly eschatological life of hope. She has her eyes riveted upon the celestial city of God. She lives in the hope of one day seeing God; the joy of the perfect day thrills within the breast of such a battling saint. Such hold fast what they have that no one take their crown! 

Question Box

Are Our Professors Eligible To Be Called? From a Grand Rapids reader comes this question:  “Are the professors at our seminary eligible to be called by one of our congregations? If so, please explain how this is possible, especially after they have received a permanent appointment. Is this appointment after all not permanent?”  Reply 

The Return of the Glorified Lord (2)

But do you want Him to come again? You have no choice, of course. But do you want Him to come again? Are you eager to hear the sound of the trumpet, to see the glory of His righteousness? Or does the thought give you now already a dread and fear? Or perhaps you think that this coming again is too far away; that it ought not really to concern us here today nor affect our daily life and walk. Some have said that. They have suggested that Christ is not coming again soon.

“Devouring Flame…”

As I sit here writing, fires are still raging out of control in many areas round about us. Hot Santa Anna winds have seared the already dry and thirsty hillsides, ravines and canyons. Bone dry brush and grasses need but a spark to change the country into a roaring inferno. A few days ago fires were racing through the canyon south and east of us, threatening the outskirts of the city. In one day sixty-six different fires were reported in scattered areas. Some of these were obviously started by incendiaries, who are bent on adding misery to misery and terror...

All Around Us

MCINTIRE AND KY—A WICKED ALLIANCE  Anyone who has read the daily newspapers the last couple of weeks has noted that Dr. Carl McIntire has received publicity in the national press which goes beyond anything he has heretofore received. This publicity is due to the fact that McIntire invited Vice-president Ky from the Saigon government in Viet Nam to attend and speak at his March For Victory Rally scheduled for October 3. 

Convocation Address: Love Jehovah Your God!

[NOTE: The following address was delivered on the occasion of the beginning of the new term at the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches, at “Seminary Night,” Sept. 9, at our Hope Protestant Reformed Church. For the convenience of our readers, we also quote the Scripture passage referred to, which was read at this convocation.] Deuteronomy 13:1-5

Publication News—The Triple Knowledge

The first volume of The Triple Knowledge is on the way!