Vol 46 Issue 20

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News From Our Churches

A sure sign that summer is about over is that this column will have to be written twice a month again from now on. Certainly was nice while it lasted. 

Believers and Their Seed, The Reprobate in the Sphere of the Covenant (continuation of Chapter X)

To begin with the last question, it may be observed that there certainly can be no doubt whether there is indeed a certain influence of God’s covenant upon the children of the kingdom who are cast out. All Scripture reveals this very clearly.

Explanation of I John 2:1-3 (cont.)


The Doctrine of Atonement, FIRST PERIOD—80-254 A.D.

Continuing with the history of the doctrine of the atonement as set forth during the early years of the Church in the New Dispensation, in the years, 80-254, we would now call attention to Tertullian Concerning this Church Father, we read in Vol. III of the Ante-Nicene Fathers the following, and we would quote: (A.D. 145-220) When our Lord repulsed the woman of Canaan, Matt. 15:22,

Come Ye Apart…And Rest A While

                (For Children Only, Or, for parents who are accompanied by their children.) So you are going to school soon? 

Dangerous Retirement

The children are back in school again. 

Evaluation of ACT’s Translation

Continuing our evaluation of ACT, we call attention to a few more points at which, in our opinion, it does not offer any improvement over the King James Version. In some instances its translations are not accurate; in some they are inconsistent; in some ACT follows rather radical tendencies in textual criticism; and in some instances, there appears to be no weighty reason for any change of language, nor any need of clarification.

Editor’s Notes

Publication News. The first volume of the projected 3-volume reprint of the Rev. Herman Hoeksema’s The Triple Knowledge, An Exposition of the Heidelberg Catechism, will be published in early fall. As of this writing, the last details of preparation are being cared for before this volume goes to press; and thereafter it should be ready within two months. This first volume will include the first three volumes of the original 10-volume set (several of which are now out of print), and it will be attractively and serviceably published at an extremely reasonable price.