Vol 46 Issue 10

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In our preceding article we had begun to call attention to the doctrine of sin as appearing in our reformed symbols. And we were calling attention, at the close of the article, to Question and Answer 5 of Lord’s Day 2 of the Heidelberg Catechism. We noted that this answer is striking. That we are prone to hate God and the neighbor does not mean that we merely have leanings and inclinations in that direction, but that it is the inclination of our entire nature to hate God and the neighbor.

News From Our Churches

News about trios and calls and declines is generally “old” before it gets into print; but we’ll pass it on anyway. Our Randolph, Wisconsin congregation had a trio consisting of Rev. Kortering, Rev. VanBaren, and Rev. Veldman, from which they have, undoubtedly, already called one. Rev. Veldman has declined the call extended to him from our Doon Church. And the installation of Rev. Kuiper in Pella, Iowa, took place on January 8. Rev. Vanden Berg conducted the installation, and Rev.

Book Reviews

CONFLICT AND HARMONY IN SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE, by Jack Wood Sears; Baker Book House, 1969; 97 pp., $1.95 (paper). It is always encouraging to read good books produced by scholars in the field of science who oppose the theories of evolutionism so widely accepted today even in Reformed circles. Jack Sears is the head of the biology department at Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas. The contents of this book are lectures delivered at the University of Mississippi for the University Christian Student Center.

Believers and Their Seed, Chapter VII (continued), In The Line Of Continued Generations

And what is now the peculiarity of that history, also before the period of Abraham and Israel? It is this, that the Lord God always and again establishes His covenant in the line of continued generations, or, if you will, with believers and their seed.

Distorted Perspective

[Editor’s Note. This brief article was also sent to the Reformed Guardian, official publication of the newly organized Reformed and Presbyterian Fellowship of Australia and New Zealand. It is in protest to an article written by Dr. K Runia of the Theological College of Geelong, entitled “Barth’s Place in History,” which appeared in the Dec. 5, 1969 issue of Christianity Today.]

Youth For WHO?

You visit me from out of town. Engaging my attention has been a matter of curious interest. To have you share it with me, I request that we go to a place, the identity of which you shall discover when we arrive. We take a fifteen minute drive on a bitterly cold wintry evening, and pull up in front of what you immediately see to be a modern public high school complex. We approach the auditorium building, enter, and from the cloak room grope our way down an aisle of the darkened amphitheatre to our seats.

The Book of Hebrews


All Around Us

Many smaller items of interest accumulate over the weeks garnered from the Church Press. It is time to catch up on some of the more important ones. GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE N.C.C.

Can We Fight Parochiaid?

Sooner or later, it appears, “parochiaid” (government subsidy of private education) will become a reality in Michigan and other states. In Michigan, both houses of the legislature (with the governor’s blessing) have already approved it on a preliminary basis; it only remains to be seen whether for utilitarian reasons, mainly the fear of a tax-increase in an election year, the legislature might yet back-track and postpone final approval for this year.

May We Have A Few Minutes, Please?

For what are we asking a few minutes of your time? For a survey.