Vol 46 Issue 08

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News From Our Churches

We have, to begin with, a news item that’s considerably later than usual. Through an oversight, we passed by Oct. 31, which was a date of considerable importance to the congregation of South Holland. That was the date of the installation of their new pastor, Rev. R. Decker. Rev. Kuiper was on hand to read the form, and Prof. Hoeksema preached the sermon. Rev. Decker preached his inaugural sermon the following Sunday, Nov. 2.

Believers and Their Seed, Chapter VII: In The Line Of Continued Generations

That the Lord establishes His covenant with believers and their seed in the line of continued generations, and that therefore the little children of believers, as well as the adults, are comprehended in the covenant and church of God and ought to receive the sign of the covenant; that, moreover, this sign of the covenant under the Old Testament was circumcision, but that this sign has been replaced in the new dispensation by that of holy baptism,—all this is confessed by the Reformed churches and constitutes one of the fundamentals of the Reformed faith.

Open Letters of Thanks

Montego Bay, Jamaica, West Indies December 28, 1969 Dear brethren and sisters in the Lord: The joy we experienced as we received the many letters and greeting cards is difficult to relate to you. Mrs. Lubbers and I experienced the love of the saints in your letters, in the numerous well-wishes and the assurances of being remembered in your prayers. For this all we are profoundly thankful to our covenant God.

Of Sacrifice and Mercy

And David built there an altar unto the LORD, and offered burnt offerings and peace offerings. So the LORD was intreated for the land, and the plague was stayed from Israel. II Samuel 24:25  

The Doctrine of Sin The Third Period 730-1517 A.D., Protestant Doctrine Of Sin According To Calvin

In chapter 2 of Book II of his Institutes Calvin discusses the freedom of the will. He begins this chapter with the remark: Since we have seen that the domination of sin, from the time of its subjugation of the first man, not only extends over the whole race, but also exclusively possesses every soul, it now remains to be more closely investigated, whether we are despoiled of all freedom, and, if any particle of it yet remain, how far its power extends.

A Word To Covenant Youth

At the moment, Covenant Youth, you are strong. And life is so sweet. The years of preparation and of growing up are behind you. Physically you are now fully developed. You have arrived at full strength of body. And now the world, the whole world, with all that which it contains is ahead of you. What if offers and what opportunities are in it far exceeds anything that any former generation knew. The little things are behind you. Big things are ahead. Childish things are no more the lot of your life. You have arrived!

“Towards Justice and Peace in International Affairs”

The fourth report adopted by the World Council of Churches in its meeting at Uppsala in 1968 is given the title which is placed above this article. The title itself suggests again a concern with a “social” gospel—especially in distinction from the gospel of Scripture.

The Book of Hebrews


Entering the Seventies

It was but ten short years ago that we entered a new decade. We were about to leave the “fifties” behind and proceed into the “sixties”. The fifties, in their own way, had been bad years. They had begun with the terrible and bloody Korean War. They were the years when the Cold War reached its heights and America and Russia stood on the brink of plunging the world into a nuclear holocaust. The country was just beginning to realize the extent of its social problems. Especially was the issue of race and racial integration an important element in the...

As To Clerical Garb

It is not unlikely that in the near future one or more of our ministers will appear some Sunday in a robe, or toga. And lest this be misunderstood as either a move toward clericalism or even toward “modernism,” or lest it be too great a shock to some, a couple of the brethren suggested that a few words of explanation might be helpful.