Vol 45 Issue 18

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News From Our Churches

Our church at Pella, Iowa, has had the services of Rev. D. Kuiper for six weeks, and he was followed by Rev. D. Engelsma for his six-week stint. These men are kept busy, preaching, teaching and lecturing. Rev. Kuiper’s lectures were on, “Holding to the Truth,” and, “The Nearness of the End”. Rev. Kuiper spoke highly of the lively interest of the children and young people in the catechism classes. The little flock in Pella now numbers twenty-six souls.

Book Reviews

BEHOLD HE COMETH, by Herman Hoeksema; Reformed Free Publishing Association, 1969; 726 pp., $9.95. 

Wisdom That Excels (concluded)

The believer, rather than the unbeliever, has true wisdom and understanding. 

Seminary News

The doors of our Seminary have closed! Closed for the summer, that is! Closed for an all too brief respite from hard work on the part of the students, a vacation from studies but not from work. The students will utilize this time to their utmost to earn money to carry them through the coming school year. Some will work at landscaping, some a construction; but work will be their lot.

Absalom’s Hour of Glory

And Absalom, and all the people the men of Israel, came to Jerusalem, and Ahithophel with him.  II Samuel 16:15

The Doctrine of Sin The Third Period 730-1517 A.D., Protestant Doctrine of Sin According to the Confessions

Schaff, setting forth the creeds of the Evangelical Protestant Churches in his Creeds of Christendom, distinguishes between the creeds of the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the creeds of the Evangelical Reformed Churches. I assume that he makes this distinction because the Lutherans broke away from the rest of the Protestant Churches because they could not endorse the Protestant conception of the Lord’s Supper.

The Purpose of Christian Education

I have been invited here tonight to speak about education, about school, a topic which, I am sure, is very dear to your hearts. I say this of course with tongue in cheek. From my experience with many of you, I know that if you are going to complain about something, one of those “somethings” will inevitably be school. I do believe, however, that in spite of your grumblings and complainings there are here tonight many people who are concerned about their education, concerned enough to seek guidance and direction with respect to it. This ought to be the case.

Some Questions to C.A.F.

“C.A.F.” stands for “Christian Action Foundation,” a rather new organization which claims to be dedicated to Christian communal action in the areas of education, scholarship, labor, politics, amusement, communications, etc., an organization which was formed in Sioux Center, Iowa, but which has membership throughout the country.

Remember Galileo!

In the on-going debate about Scripture and its authority no little stir has been created by a brochure (in the series Kampen Exercise Books) from the pen of Dr. H.M. Kuitert under the title “Understandest Thou What Thou Readest?” This brochure is supposed to be about he interpretation of the Bible, according to its sub-title.