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“…And Back Again”

The full expression of which the above is but the last phrase is, “To the moon and back again.”  Man did that in an amazing piece of precision of calculation and of skillful manipulation of a powerful rocket and an ingeniously equipped space ship. 

News From Our Churches

First Church gave Rev. Heys an extension of time to consider his call to be Missionary to Jamaica until after Synod meets in June. Synod must make certain decisions pertaining to this call, which awaits information to be gathered by our emissaries, Rev. Lubbers and Elder Meulenberg who will be working there from April 8 to May 26.

Report of Classis West

Report of Classis West, held in South Holland, Illinois March 5, 1969  Rev. C. Hanko presided over the Classis which met all day Wednesday. Thirteen elders and eight ministers represented the twelve churches of Classis West. For the first time, the congregation of Isabel sent to Classis a minister of her own, Rev. R. Moore. 

Believers and Their Seed, Chapter IV, The Theory of Presupposed Regeneration Evaluated (continued)

Now it is our conviction that we cannot arrive at a correct view of the seed of the covenant as long as we hesitate to accept the clear teaching of the Word of God that it is not all Israel that is called Israel, that not all the children born in the historical manifestation of God’s covenant on earth are also actually children of the promise, but that the line of election and reprobation also cuts right through the visible manifestation of the covenant and makes separation, always and again separating between Israel according to the flesh and Israel according...

Mission Progress

Strictly speaking there always is progress in missions.  The Word of God never returneth void; God always accomplishes His will through the Word preached, since the Sword of the Spirit is a double edged sword and is a savor both of life unto life and death unto death. 

Involvement in Dissent

Dissent is not an option, it is a duty.  A duty that confronts covenant youth wherever and whenever they see evil, injustice, and wrong.  A duty that has its motive not in hateful revenge, but the love of God and the neighbor.  A duty that is not bogged down in negative self destruction, but in the positive expression of the principles of one’s Christian faith.  A duty that is to be expressed not in lawlessness, but within the framework of the existing laws. 

The Revolt of Absalom

But Absalom sent spies throughout all the tribes of Israel, saying, As soon as ye hear the sound of the trumpet, then ye shall say, Absalom reigneth in Hebron.  II Samuel 15:10

The Book of Hebrews

THE HEAVENLY PATTERN SHOWN MOSES ON THE MOUNT  It was none other than Jehovah God Himself, who appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai, and warned Moses with a Divine warning as to the architectural plan of the tabernacle and its furniture.

A Relevant Liturgy

Ought we to revise and revamp our liturgy? This is the burning question which is presently stirring the churches in this land and abroad. Many Churches are not content to talk about it; they have begun to do something about it. Not minor revisions in the order of worship are being introduced. Not a few additions to or subtractions from the regular liturgical practices are deemed sufficient. Fundamental changes in the very structure of the liturgy which involve complete alterations are being tried. Experimentation, innovation and basic change characterize “liturgical renewal”. 

A Worthwhile Conference

The above picture (courtesy of Mr. L. Lubbers) was taken at the conclusion of a conference of the ministers and elder-delegates of our Western churches, held at South Holland, Illinois on Tuesday afternoon, March 4. To this conference the ministers of Classis East and also the faculty and students of our seminary were invited; some of the ministers and all 6f the seminary personnel accepted the invitation. Ah this meeting the Rev. D. Engelsma presented a paper on the genealogy of Jesus, and this paper was then made the subject of the group’s discussion. Rev.