Vol 44 Issue 16

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The Book of Hebrews


News From Our Churches

The Hope Protestant Reformed Christian School rendered an excellent Easter Program in the auditorium of First Church on the evening of April 11. The program consisted of selections from Scripture and songs chosen for the support of the theme which was, “Rejoice, for the Lamb Reigneth.” The entire program was produced by the Principal, Miss A. Lubbers, and was one of their finest renditions. The choir music was faultlessly rendered and the narration was plain and clearly understood.


The above picture (courtesy of Mr. Charles Westra) features the climactic moment at the datestone-laying ceremony of Covenant Christian High School, our projected new Protestant Reformed high school in the Grand Rapids area. Featured in the picture are Mr. Harry Zwak, member of our Hudsonville Church and chairman of the Building Committee, and Dr. Dwight Monsma, member of First Church and president of the Board. If you look carefully, perhaps you can make out the date, 1968, on the stone.

Believers and Their Seed

Right here we must immediately remark that there has never been any unanimity about this subject among Reformed people. In fact, it cannot even be said that there is a single covenant conception which has won for itself the exclusive name of Reformed in distinction from all other views. In the first place, there is wide difference of opinion with respect to the idea of the covenant itself, apart now from the question concerning the place of the children of believers in the covenant.

Ecumenism on Good Friday

Ecumenism assumes many forms and shapes. The subject does not necessarily involve immediate merger of churches, but “ecumenism” is concerned with anything which would lead to unity. We may be reminded, too, that there can be both a good and bad ecumenism. It is true, as far as our churches are concerned, that the ecumenism of our day is for the most part evil. Churches are seeking unity not in true faith nor properly based upon the work of Christ on the cross. 

A Presbyterian Review

In The Presbyterian Journal of April 17, 1968 there appeared the following review of “Reformed Dogmatics” which we quote in full. For the information of our readers, The Presbyterian Journal is a weekly magazine which represents the conservative wing in the Southern Presbyterian Church, a denomination currently working toward a possible merger with the Reformed Church in America. We hereby express our thanks for this review. 

The Lordship of Christ

The truth before us as a topic is rare. It is by no means found everywhere in the theologicalBibliothek. One may scan many volumes before place is found where the subject is treated, or taken up with more than passing notice. Nor where the name Lord is explained is lordship necessarily elucidated. The subject is to be distinguished from the deity of Christ. In His person He is God of God, true God of true God.

Covenant Faithfulness and Joy

Speech delivered at the “date-stone” laying ceremony of Covenant Christian High School, April 20, 1968.  This afternoon we are gathered to witness the laying of the stone that will from this day onward record the date that the first Protestant Reformed Christian high school was erected and its doors were opened to give that distinctive instruction which the Word of God demands of us as His covenant people. 

All Around Us

Those who, in our day, favor a social gospel are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the church institute. To the extent that they see the church’s calling in terms of social action, they plead that the institute be abandoned. This is easily understandable. It is not enough, quite obviously, to preach social reform from the pulpits of the churches. Words without deeds mean very little.

The Church, the Christian, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The purpose of this editorial is not to justify murder. The murder of Dr. Martin Luther King was just exactly that: murder. And murder is contrary to the law of God. But let it be added at once: what else do you expect of the world than murder? Can a depraved world walk in love toward the neighbor and seek his well-being? Let it be added, too, that a judgment of God was executed in this event, the judgment that is embodied in the words, “All they that take the sword shall perish with the sword.” For do not forget:...