Vol 43 Issue 03

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News From Our Churches

The congregation at Randolph, Wis. has named a trio consisting of the Revs. C. Hanko, J. A. Heys and J. Kortering.  Rev. R. C. Harbach, of Kalamazoo, Mich., has declined the call to be the Home Missionary of our churches.  Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa, has accepted the call which he had from Hope Church in Grand Rapids.  REPORT OF CLASSIS WEST CONVENED ON SEPTEMBER 21, 1966 AT EDGERTON, MINN. With Rev. J. Kortering presiding and Rev. J. A. Hey serving as clerk, Classis West finished its work in one day.

Death of the Prayer Amendment – World Congress on Evangelism – Nature Still Boss

DEATH OF THE PRAYER AMENDMENT  Minority Leader Everett M. Dirksen (Republican Senator from Illinois) had worked hard to get his amendment through the senate. Since the time when the Supreme Court outlawed prayers in the public schools, many people have warned that our country was drifting more rapidly in the direction of atheism now that the highest judicial body in the land erased all vestiges of religion from the nation’s schools. Senator Dirksen determined to do something about it. He introduced in the Senate a proposed amendment which reads:

Billy Graham’s Answers

The constructive and warrantable critics of Billy Graham, the “one-world” evangelist, are on the increase as multitudes of people are being alerted both as to the wrong doctrine, as well as to the shockingly unscriptural methods of the man. It has been his policy in the past not to pay any attention to his critics, to ignore giving them any answer. He has announced over his radio broadcast that he can neither burden nor side-track himself with answers to critics. His own words were, “I never answer my critics.”(1) Yet Dr. John R.

Honour To Whom Honour

“They allow you five miles over the limit.”  Whether they always do and who these “they” are is entirely beside the point. The point is whether the Judge will allow those five miles over the limit.  And we would like to point out, in case you missed that point, the word Judge begins with a capital letter and, therefore, refers to Him Who is the Judge of heaven and earth. 

The form of Excommunication

Exhortation and Prayer The congregation which instrumentally enacts the excommunication of the impenitent brother, is no better or more worthy than he who is excommunicated. Each member of the church, as they witness the excommunication, must feel in their hearts that apart from the grace of God this is also their just portion. None of us deserves a place in God’s Kingdom. It is only the grace of God that continually leads us to repentance that gives us that place and preserves us in it.

The Standard Bearer – A Plan For Its Failure

Last September 29 the Reformed Free Publishing Association held its annual meeting at Hudsonville, Michigan. Some of the reports of this meeting were published in an earlier issue of the Standard Bearer. At these annual meetings it is customary that a short speech is given by one of our ministers. This meeting, the speech was given by the present writer. I would like to share with you a few of the thoughts of this speech. 

David and Goliath

We are not told whether Saul recognized David when he was brought to him at the battlefield of Elah or not. It may well have been that he did not. Although for a time David had become a very familiar figure in the royal court, the circumstances and even the appearance of David were so different as to almost defy identification. Then David had been dressed in the finest clothing that his father was able to provide; now he stood before Saul in the rough but serviceable clothing of the field.

The Providence of God

God’s Providence and Sin We remarked in our last article that the child of God must have a Scriptural explanation of God’s providence and sin. He must have this explanation, first of all, because of the fact of the power of sin. Sin is so universal and such a terrible reality. To ignore it is simply impossible. Sin has all men within its grasp. And no man is exempt from its results, death and the curse of the living God. With these remarks we are concluding our last article. 

The Nature of the Atonement – Limited or General?