Vol 43 Issue 17

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News From Our Churches

The ’66-’67 Lecture Series came to termination on the evening of May 11 with Rev. G. Van Baren giving the concluding lecture on, “Perseverance of the Saints” the fifth of the famous Five Points of Calvinism. The speaker examined that concept from three aspects, its essence, its basis and its comfort.

The Elder’s Task (continued)

We do not exaggerate when we say that the major task of the elder in the church is that of counseling. This does not mean that he is called upon at set times to sit down in conference, to deliberate and advise with regard to various problems that arise in the life of the members of the church and even in the church at large. Although this function is certainly not to be excluded, it may not be construed as the limitation of his task. 

Virgins for Christ’s Sake (continued)

There was a time when the murderer was looked upon as an evil man. Today he is often pitied more than the relatives of the murdered. And he is presented as the victim himself of an uncontrollable evil for which he is not responsible, namely, insanity. 

All Around Us

THE CHRISTIAN REFORMED SYNODICAL AGENDA  The Agenda of the Synod of the Christian Reformed Churches is a large book of 550 pages this year. We give here a brief summary of some of the matters of interest which are coming before the Synod.  Perhaps the three items of greatest interest to our readers are: The Dekker Case; The Question of Evolution; The Christian Reformed Churches’ position on the World Council of Churches.  THE QUESTION OF EVOLUTION 

The Importance of Maintaining the Three Forms of Unity

The church and the world are spiritually antithetical. They are spiritual opposites. The calling of the church is to live in the midst of the world. Her calling is not physical or spiritual isolation, but rather that of witness. She must be in the world, but not of the world. In the process of fulfilling her calling, it often happens that the church is influenced by this evil world. This I believe is the plague which bests the church today. This is the root cause of the problems which we face. 

Dispenationalism and The True Zion

The undersigned was born, baptized and raised in a Presbyterian church where Dispensationalism had crept in and imbued him with its teaching. By it he became acquainted with a certain class of “Bible teachers” who boast that they understand, interpret and teach the Bible literally. They emphasize this in such a way as to give the impression that they especially for this reason meet one of the principal tests of orthodoxy.

The Effects of the Fall

The First Period: 80-250 A.D. Hagenbach, writing on the “Effects of the Fall,” writes as follows:

David and the Ziphites

Save me, O God, by thy name, and judge me by thy strength.  Here my prayer, O God; give ear to the words of my mouth.  For strangers are risen up against me, and oppressors seek after my soul; they have not see God before them. Selah.  Behold, God is mine helper: the Lord is with them that uphold my soul.  He shall reward evil unto mine enemies: cut them off in thy truth. 

Pons Assinorum In Signo Ecclesiae!

Decorating the cover of the Agenda for the 1967 Synod of the Christian Reformed Church is the proposed denominational seal. And occupying first place in the Agenda is the Report of the Denominational Seal Committee. As said report also puts it, in the center of this proposed seal is a TULIP. Moreover, according to the report, “The tulip in the center of the design refers to the well-known version of the ‘five points of Calvinism’ elaborated by the Synod of Dordt: Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace, Perseverance of the Saints .”