Vol 42 Issue 03

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News From Our Churches

Rev. J. Kortering has declined the call from Randolph, Wis. Lynden, Wash. has called the Rev. B. Woudenberg, of Doon, Iowa.

Annual Financial Report

Balance on hand September 1, 1964—$1,336.81  Receipts  Subscriptions—$3,674.10  Membership—$166.00  Gifts—$4,824.30  Advertising—$164.00  Bound Volumes—$525.00.  Total—$9,353.40  Total receipts—$10,690.21 

Annual Secretary’s Report To The RFPA

Dear Brethren:  Reporting for the Board of the RFPA in this, the forty-first year of the Standard Bearer, our thoughts are in harmony with the words that appeared on the cover of the first issue, October 1, 1965: “Thanks Be to God.” For it is of a certainty, the Lord has strengthened and blessed us in our witness to His Word these twelve months.

All Around Us

UNION OF EVANGELICALS  The tides of ecumenicity run strongly and seemingly irresistibly. Most of it is evil, and the Church of Christ can have no part of it. But what about the faithful people of God who are still waging a battle for the truth within many separate denominations? Is it not their calling also to come together into one ecclesiastical household? Ought they not make every effort to join in the cause of Christ? 

Stephen’s Apology Before The Sanhedrin

THE SHINING FACE OF STEPHEN Acts 6:15  There stands Stephen before the entire Sanhedrin. All the eyes of all the members of this Jewish court are fixed upon him. The text says “they gazed upon him all . . . . . and they saw”, that is, while they gazed on him they saw something very significant on the face of this man who had been forcefully hauled into their court. They saw his face as it were the face of an angel! 


“Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpeh and Shen, and called the name of it Ebenezer, saying, Hitherto hath the Lord helped us.” I Samuel 7:12

Depravity and Mission Preaching

Those who defend a general, well-meant offer of salvation to all mankind also maintain that there is a certain ability in the unregenerated sinner to accept the gospel. An offer implies that one can accept or reject it; an invitation can be honored or turned down. And the ability, to accept or reject must necessarily lie with the person who receives the invitation. Therefore since the offer comes to every individual who hears the gospel, it must follow that all men have the ability to accept as well as to reject the gospel-invitation. 

An Attack Upon The Very Foundation

There is currently appearing in Christianity Today a series of essays on “Fundamentals of the Faith.” In that series, there appeared an essay recently by Billy Graham entitled “The New Birth.” (See Christianity Today, September 10, 1965)