Vol 42 Issue 01

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Book Reviews

“De Verborgenheid der Godzaligheid,” by Ds. E. Th. van den. Born e.a.; J.H. Kok N.V.; Netherlands. 

Our New Seminary Professor

Although we did not like to think of it, all of us have for several years seen the time coming when our original leaders would no longer be with us and instruct us. And though our seminary is small and sometimes is perhaps rather distant from our thoughts, the coming of that time was especially serious for that institution. No matter how small, our Theological School occupies an indispensable place in the life of our denomination. No communion of churches can long exist without its own seminary. And no seminary, of course, can exist without a faculty.

All Around Us

MAN’S ANIMAL ANCESTRY  An alarming article appeared some time ago inChristianity Today written by Rev. Leonard Verduin, minister emeritus in the Christian Reformed Church. This article; entitled “Man, a Created Being: What of an Animal Ancestry?” was evidently also alarming to the editors of this paper, for they took the unusual and unprecedented step of commenting directly upon the article—and: much of the comment was critical.

Depravity and Mission Preaching

The question quite naturally is raised: Is it possible to preach human depravity from the pulpit, and, more specifically, on the mission field? Is it the proper approach to tell the unconverted sinner who is brought under the preaching of the Word that he is dead in trespasses and sins, incapable of any good, and prone to all evil? Still more, is it proper to declare to the unconverted that God does not offer salvation for man to accept, and that it is impossible for anyone to believe the gospel except by the regenerating and saving grace of God? 

News From Our Churches

The Consistory of Randolph, Wis. has named a trio consisting of the Revs. R.C. Harbach, J. Kortering, and G. Lanting. The congregational meeting for the purpose of calling one from this trio has been scheduled for Sept. 13.

The Beginning of Wisdom

All over our land last month schools have opened their doors to receive students and teachers in the interest of formal education. From elementary schools that wrestle with children who have never assembled with others of their age to receive training, and resent being “cooped up” so long, through high schools, colleges and universities a set period of time has begun for turning or returning to books and instruction.


Originally, Unitarianism was not a movement independent of the Christian churches, nor strictly, a schismatic group, but an intra-church movement apostatizing from Christ, His church and the confessions. Its purpose was not to form another denomination, but to gain control of the churches in the ecclesiastical association. The Calvinist members, rather, had to relinquish their church properties and withdraw. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in buildings, furnishings and funds fell to the Unitarians as a result of litigation.

Significant Doctrines in the Theology of Karl Barth

INTRODUCTION  We must concern ourselves, in this and subsequent articles, with “contemporary theology.” The divisions within Protestantism since the 16th century make this subject not only vital and fascinating but also overwhelmingly extensive. At the outset, some limitation of the subject is in order, even though this limiting will be rather arbitrary. One ought not bite off more than he can chew.