Vol 41 Issue 09

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News From Our Churches

South Holland’s Young People are already preparing to help make the next Young People’s Convention a success. At a recent society meeting a round table discussion on the purposes of such a convention was held; participants were, Beth Van Baren, Dick Haak, Steve Poortinga, and Joanne Flikkema. Their program committee evidently understands that a convention cannot rise higher than its purposes.

Report of Classis East

Rev. R.C. Harbach led in opening devotions, and declared the Classis properly constituted, after the credentials of the various delegates were accepted. All the churches of Classis East were represented.  Rev. G. Lanting then presided over this session of Classis, which again was a brief session, the material mostly routine.  The brethren M. Klop and R. Teitsma were appointed to serve on the finance committee. 

The W.C.C.—Its Basis

Any organization has a certain purpose or reason for existence, but also it is motivated by, or based upon, certain principles. One can determine the value or worth of an organization by examining its basis and purpose. Such an examination also ought to reveal whether it is proper for a Christian (or a church) to be member of a specific organization. With this in mind, I intend to present a study of the goals as well as the basis of that organization known as the World Council of Churches (hereafter known as: W.C.C.).

All Around Us

NEW SPLIT IN THE NETHERLANDS A brother sent me a clipping from a Dutch newspaper which describes recent events in the Liberated Churches in the Netherlands. Neither the same name of the paper nor the author of the article were included, although the paper seems to be a daily newspaper, and the article is written by the “Church News Editor,” who is probably a member of the Hervormde Kerk (the State Church).

The Inspiration Of The Scriptures

According to the Fathers (continued)  We do not find too much on the doctrine of the divine inspiration of the Holy Scriptures in the writings of the early Church Fathers; at least, the undersigned could not find many writers who wrote on this subject. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that the truth of divine inspiration was generally accepted. We concluded our preceding article by quoting from Origen. 

Baptismal Prayers (continued)

To be “incorporated into Christ” is fundamental. As we wrote last time, “out of this all blessings flow, even as without incorporation into Christ there is no blessing, no grace, common or otherwise.” This fundamental idea is found throughout Scripture in various forms. It embodies both the legal and the organic idea.

The Evangelical Approach In The New Dispensation

In our recent study of the book of Acts, it became evident how the apostles carried out their mandate to preach the Gospel to all nations. They proclaimed the glad tidings that the crucified and risen Jesus was indeed the Christ, the Son of the living God, and that there was salvation in His Name, and in His Name alone. They preached Him as the fulfillment of the promise that had been given to the fathers ever since the fall in paradise. To Jew and Gentile they testified of sin and judgment.

Kindness To The Living And The Dead

By the providence of God, Ruth had been brought to the field of Boaz. It was the day of the judges when everyone did what was right in his own eyes, and the law was little regarded any more. The poor were left uncared for and oppressed. There were few fields in harvest time where a gleaner could expect to find enough grain to be worthwhile gathering. Meanwhile, there was the ever present danger, especially for a young woman, of being molested if allowed to enter at all.

Mission Gains The Criterion? (3)

Without Much Fruit (continued)  In connection with this phase of our discussion I concluded my previous installment by quoting from Rev. H. Hoeksema’s seminary notes on “Principles of Mission.” I made this quotation with reference to the question what expectation of results there can be in so-called evangelism among the unchurched.