Vol 41 Issue 11

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News From Our Churches

Rev. H. Hoeksema’s condition remains about the same—on a gradual decline. But he joyfully receives the comfort from the Word of God which he himself ministered to others in bygone years. Rev. G. Vos, of Hudsonville, suffered a collarbone fracture in a fall on the ice near his home on Feb. 9. He did not preach Sunday the 14th, but hoped to teach catechism that week and resume his preaching duties the next Sunday. Mrs. C. Hanko has been transferred from the hospital to the parsonage and is being cared for by family and friends.

All Around Us

Move on Aid to Schools  The question of federal aid to schools already arose during the Kennedy administration, but failed to gain the approval of Congress, mostly because the issue of aid to private and parochial schools was brought up by the Roman Catholics. Kennedy refused aid to these schools, and the program floundered. Johnson, with his vision of a “great society” has revived it. In order to retain some hope of passage of an education bill, something had to be done about this thorny problem of whether private schools would also receive aid. 


For the origin of Mormonism, with its initial constituency taken from apostate Baptists and Methodists—for the origin of the Book of Mormon, literary product of a worn out Presbyterian minister turned would-be novelist—for the rise of the founder, a rag-tag-money-digger and undefeated champion liar—for a resume of the extra-biblical Mormon “scriptures,” written in a would-be imitation Bible style, pompous, verbose, nonsensical-for a history of the Mormons, full of violence, treason, treachery and expanding American Islamism—for the organization and methods of the Mormon church, with its wor

The Prayer of Thanksgiving

The prayer that concludes the administration of the sacrament of Holy Baptism is a beautiful expression of thanksgiving that, with the exception of a single word, has been preserved for us in its original form. In about the middle of the prayer we find the phrase, “that Thou wilt be pleased always to govern these baptized children by Thy Holy Spirit.” The word “baptized” in this connection did not appear in the original prayer but was added later. Its omission or inclusion in the prayer does not in any way alter the prayer and therefore the matter is of minor...

Freedom To Serve

“Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”  Thus the book of Judges presents it in the very last verse of its last chapter. And the explanation of all this is, “In those days there was no king in Israel: every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” 

On The Threshing Floor of Boaz

And he (Boaz) said, Who art thou? and she answered, I am Ruth thine handmaid: spread therefore thy skirt over thine handmaid; for thou art a near kinsman. And he said, Blessed be thou of the LORD, my daughter . . . Fear not; I will do to thee all that thou requivest . . . .” Ruth 3:9-11

Gog And Magog (continued)

Exposition of Ezekiel 28, 29 and Rev. 20:8, 9  The Identity of Gog (continued) 

The Inspiration Of The Scriptures

According To The Fathers (Continued)  In this article we will conclude our quotations from Philip Schaff’s “History of the Christian Church,” to show to our readers how the church, during the early periods of the new dispensation viewed the doctrine of the inspiration of the Scriptures. In Vol. III the author discusses the Third Period, A.D. 311-590. In paragraph 118, pages 606 ff., he continues to call attention to Sources of Theology, Scripture and Tradition. 

Full Speed Ahead!

Many of you have undoubtedly been wondering whether there is any progress being made with the publication of Rev. H. Hoeksema’s dogmatics.  This is a progress report.