Vol 41 Issue 10

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News From Our Churches

Rev. J.A. Heys, of South Holland, will be our radio speaker for the month of March. Under the general theme, “The Man After God’s Heart,” Rev, Heys has chosen to pursue that thought under the following subtitles, March 7—”Divinely Chosen;” March 14—”Filled with Righteous Indignation;” March 21—”Hated Without a Cause;” March 28—”Saved in a Multitude of Mercy.”

The Belgic Confession, Article XIII, God’s Government and Sin (continued)

The, actions of a king, of one who seems to be mighty and sovereign in his domain, who may be an absolute ruler, who may reign in iron-fisted and entirely arbitrary and altogether unjust tyranny,—the actions of such a king are altogether in the Lord’s hand.

The W.C.C.—Its Goals For The Church

Last time we considered the Basis, as stated in its constitution, of the World Council of Churches. The statement of Basis, though amazingly brief, seemed to teach several truths: the divinity of Christ, that He is Savior, that there is the Trinity, and that there is Scripture. Yet on such a basis we felt it impossible to affiliate with other churches. First, this is true because the Basis does not mention several vital Scriptural truths,—including the truth of the infallibility and inerrancy of Scripture. Without such an affirmation, the basis can mean anything to anyone.

All Around Us

The Bible by Life  Life magazine devoted its entire Christmas issue to an 146 page dissertation on the Bible. Presumably this was intended to be a religious endeavor and an acknowledgment of the important place the Bible occupies in our lives. 

Double Dividends

All men are interested in a bargain.  We may not all have money to invest for dividends. We may not even have a bank account from which we seek a little interest on each dollar. And if we do have a little to deposit, we may not have the opportunity to “shop around” to determine which financial institution will give us the greatest amount of interest for the use of our money. There may be but one bank or one savings and loan association in the district where we live. 

The Evangelical Approach In The New Dispensation

Last time we saw that in Revelation 6 the four Apocalyptic Horsemen, are sent out to carry out the counsel of God unto the consummation of the ages. The white horse which went forth “conquering and to conquer” is the triumph of the kingdom of heaven throughout the new dispensation. This triumph of the kingdom of heaven is attained through the preaching of the Gospel unto the uttermost ends of the earth.

The Inspiration Of The Scriptures

According To The Fathers (continued) Philip Schaff, in his “History of the Christian Church,” discusses in Vol. II the period of the Church from 100 to 311 A.D. In Chapter 138, pages 516 ff., he calls attention to the Holy Scriptures and the Canon as viewed during this early period of the church in the new dispensation.

Jehovah’s Witnesses

trary to human reason, plus Russell’s “Scripture Studies,” which “are not merely comments on the Bible, but…are practically the Bible itself…” To read the Bible without these “Studies” is to “go into darkness.” But to read these “Scripture Studies” and yet “not read a page of the Bible” is to “be in the light . . . have the light of Scripture” (Watch Tower, Sept. 15, 1910). To limit oneself to the standard of Scripture (Is.

Seeking Rest

Then Naomi her mother in law said unto her, My daughter, shall I not seek rest for thee, that it may be well with thee?  Ruth 3:1

“Should I Prepare For The Ministry?” (6), Spiritual Qualifications

In what I wrote in my previous article on this general subject (cf. January 15 issue, in which the sub-title, “Are You Qualified?” was omitted through a printer’s error), it was already presupposed that one who prepares for the ministry must desire the office. This is also true of the other offices in the church; but it would seem to be especially evident in this case, since the initiative comes from the aspirant himself, who applies for admission to the seminary and prepares with a view to an eventual call.