Vol 40 Issue 02

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Report of Classis West

Report of Classis West, September 25-26, 1963 at South Holland, Illinois  The Rev. J. Kortering, chairman of the last meeting of Classis, led in opening devotions. The Rev. G. Van Baren then took his turn as chairman of this classical meeting. Rev. J. Kortering transcribed the minutes and Rev. G. Vanden Berg was vice-chairman.  All the churches of Classis West were represented at the meeting, although three of them by only one delegate (Forbes, Redlands, and Lynden). The chairman greets the delegates and reads the agendum. 

News From Our Churches

Rev. B. Woudenberg has received the call from our congregation in Lynden, Wash.  Rev. J. Kortering, of Hull, Iowa, has received the call from Redlands, Calif. 

Standard Bearer Financial Report

Balance on hand, August 31—$1,626.80 Receipts Subscriptions—$3,613.17 Memberships—$132.00 Gifts—$3,420.34 Advertisements—$136.00 Bound volumes—$279.00 Annual receipts—$7,580.51 Total receipts—$9,207.31 Disbursements Wobbema Printing—$7,545.45 Miscellaneous—$111.22 Holland Bookbinding—$199.50 Mr. Dykstra, Gift—$300.00 Yakes Office Supply—$90.00 Total Disbursements—$8,246.17 BALANCE ON HAND, AUGUST 31, 1963—$961.14

Secretary’s Annual Report to the RFPA*

Members and Friends of the Reformed Free Publishing Association,  Dear Brethren,  The Board of the RFPA has been active during the past year performing the duties given us. We are thankful to our God that we can report that we have completed one more year of the publishing of theStandard Bearer, a faithful witness to the truth as given to us through the Word of God. 

All Around Us

LOS ANGELES CRUSADE  It was the biggest crusade ever held in this country; after three weeks it is all over. To those of the “Billy Graham team” who worked for it, the crusade was a rousing success. It drew no less than 930,340 people. It succeeded in persuading at least 40,000 to make decisions for Christ. The first week of the crusade telecast five of its meetings over two hundred stations in this country; each night’s telecast cost $125,000. No other crusade in this country, and only one crusade in a foreign country, drew more people and recorded more conversions.

Hierarchy or Independentism?

Clearly the eighty-fourth article of the Church Order is designed to counter the many and serious evils of the hierarchical or collegialistic forms of church government. According to this system, a federation of churches is not considered to be a union of several self-governing churches; but each church is regarded as a sub-division of a big super church that is ruled from the top down. At the top is the Pope whose word is law. At the bottom is the local church which is coerced into submission to the will of the Pope.

The Church and the Sacraments, The Time of the Reformation, Views on the Sacraments (Lord’s Supper), The Romish View

We now conclude our quotation from Hodge as he refutes the Romish view of the Lord’s Supper in his Systematic Theology, Vol. III, 688-692: “5. The doctrine of the sacrificial character of the Eucharist, is an integral part of the great system or error, which must stand or fall as a whole. Romanism is another gospel. It proposes a different method of salvation from that presented in the word of God. It teaches that no one can be saved who is out of the pale of that visible society of which the pope of Rome is the head; and that...

The Song of Deborah

“Then sang Deborah and Barak the son of Abinoam on that day, saying . . .” Judges 5:1 “Awake, awake, Deborah:  Awake, awake, utter a song:  Arise Barak, and lead thy captivity captive, thou son of Abinoam.”