Vol 39 Issue 18

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News From Our Churches

Rev. B. Woudenberg declined the call to Southwest Church.  Rev. C. Hanko also declined the call to Redlands, California.  Our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers, declined the call to Loveland, Colorado. 

Synod of 1963

In many ways it was a good Synod. 

Censurable Sins

“Furthermore, among the gross sins, which are worthy of being punished with suspension or deposition from office, there are the principal ones: false doctrine or heresy, public schism, public blasphemy, simony, faithless desertion of office or intrusion upon that of another, perjury, adultery, fornication, theft, acts of violence, habitual drunkenness, brawling, filthy lucre; in short, all sins and gross offenses, as render the perpetrators infamous before the world, and which in any private member of the church would be considered worthy of excommunication.” 

The Church and the Sacraments, The Time of the Reformation, Views on the Sacraments (Lord’s Supper), The Romish View

At the conclusion of our preceding article the Romish Fathers Rumble and Carty were confronted by the Scriptural expressions that Christ is the door and also the vine. We will recall that Rome contends that the Scriptural passage: “This is My body,” must be understood in the natural sense of the word. The meaning is that the bread of Communion has actually become the body of the Lord.

My Father’s World (7)

Behind all history is God.  It is His hand that raises up kings and puts them down. He named Cyrus before he was born. Isaiah 45:1-4. He gave Nebuchadnezzar all the kingdoms of the world for his. realm. Daniel 2:37, 38. But no less is this true of all the other kings of this earth. 

Exposition of II Peter 3 (a)

It is our intention to write a few sketches in this rubric on this third Chapter of II Peter. We believe that this section of II Peter lends itself very well to a separate discussion in a short series of essays. Without fear of contradiction we may affirm that the subject on this passage is: the certainty of the coming (parousis) of the Lord in the face of all mockers and denial, or in spite of the impatience of the saints who account that the Lord is tardy and slack concerning his promise.

The Doctrine of the Church, Chapter 2, The Gathering of the Church (continued)

Now, surely, the child that has grown up into an adult is still the same person. It is, therefore, the clear and undeniable teaching of the Word of God that there is only one people of God, the seed of Abraham in Christ, and that this seed is not the Jews, but the believers in Christ, both of the old and of the new dispensation. The unity of the church of all ages is incontrovertibly established. 

The Fundamental Significance of Exegesis*

* Address at the graduation exercises by Graduate David Engelsma.

Our Theological Conflict Today*

* Rectoral Address at the graduation exercised of the Theological School of the Protestant Reformed Churches, June 11, 1963.

Seminary Graduation

It is a significant and hopeful event when our Theological School has graduation exercises.