Vol 36 Issue 17

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News From Our Churches

May 20, 1960 Randolph has named a new trio which consists of the Revs. R. Harbach, M. Schipper and G. Vanden Berg. Rev. M. Schipper declined the call from Hull. Rev. H. H. Kuiper, of Loveland, has been gaining strength steadily since our last report. He has led a few meetings and also conducted one service on Sunday, May 15.

Heads As Well As Hearts / Ideology and Co-Existence

Heads As Well As Hearts Writing under the above title, one of the editors of Christian Economics writes The Sermonette for the May 3rd issue. The sermonette was built around the text found in Matthew 6:33, “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Synodical Committees

In our previous writing we began to discuss the 49th article of our Church Order; an article that treats the sub­ject of the appointment of synodical committees. Today the provisions of this article apply to all of the committees which are appointed by the Synod whereas originally it applied specifically to one central committee. Various committees are given different mandates and, functioning during the interim between Synods, they are to “execute everything ordained by Synod . .

Part 2—Exposition of the Canons, Fifth Head of Doctrine. Of the Perseverance of the Saints. Rejection of Errors, Article 6 (cont’d)

In brief this objection of the Arminians is that the doc­trine of the certain perseverance of the saints and of the as­surance thereof is intrinsically an immoral doctrine: it leads necessarily and inevitably to carelessness and profanity. It is a soft cushion on which the flesh may recline in ease and utter unconcern for morality and godliness. The Arminians argued that on the basis of this doctrine one will certainly assume that he has “arrived.” There is nothing more to be done. There is no more battle to be fought.

The Church and the Sacraments. The Time of the Reformation Views on the Church. Formal Principle (cont’d)

We will now continue with our quotation of Chapter 3 of the Dogmatic Decrees of the Vatican Council of 1870.


For this issue we would make a few observations about matters here and there. These matters we do not wish to treat at length. And we do not want to devote an entire issue to each item. Therefore we list them under the title of ob­servations, of course, in His fear. These matters are not re­lated to each other in any other way than that they all are viewed in His fear; and the order in which they are treated also is not to be ascribed to any other inner relationship be­tween the matter.

Exposition of I Corinthians 15 (7) – I Corinthians 15:35-38 (a)

We should remember that we have now come to con­sider the last major section of I Corinthians 15. In this part Paul discloses some more mysteries of the resurrection of the dead. Paul is indeed like a scribes which is instructed unto the kingdom, and like a man who is a householder, who brings forth out of his treasure things new and old!

Jacob and Joseph Reunited

And Israel said, It is enough; Joseph my son is yet alive: I will go and see him before I die. Genesis 45:28

Report of Ladies’ League

On the warm, windy afternoon of April 22 the Doon, Edgerton and Hull women left their household duties to spend an afternoon of fellowship in the Doon church. Our meeting was opened with a few Psalter numbers, Eccl. 10:12- Eccl. 11 was read and prayer by our president, Mrs. G. Broekhouse. After the previous minutes and treasurer’s report were given, our new officers were elected which are, Mrs. W. Kooiker, president; Mrs. Dick Bleyenberg, secretary and Mrs. Egbert Gritters, vice-all.

The Book of Revelation. Part 2, Chapter 13: The Song of Moses and of the Lamb

Enoch already spoke of it against the wicked world of his day. And the souls under the altar cry for it day and night. All the history of the world looks forward to this day. Is it conceivable, then, that only a small part of the people of God are standing here at the sea of glass, now God is about to reveal His righteousness and power over the Antichristian enemy, to sing this song of victory? No, we do not believe this.