Vol 36 Issue 06

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An Attempt to Discipline

From an organized group of Presbyterian laymen in the Southern Presbyterian Church I received an interesting and very important pamphlet which all our readers ought to read because it reveals that there are others, outside of our churches, that still fight for the truth of Scripture and the Confessions. The reader may secure a copy of this pamphlet by writing to the following address: Presbyterian Laymen, Inc., Box 396, Selma, Alabama.  On the title page of this pamphlet there is the following statement, printed in capital letters: 

Visit of the Wise Men

“Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men front the East to Jerusalem. Saying, Where is He that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen His star in the East, and are come to worship Him.”

News From Our Churches

Dec. 5, 1959  The congregation of Hull called Rev. G. Vanden Berg from a duo which included Rev. C. Hanko. Our Missionary, Rev. G. Lubbers received the call from Edgerton. Randolph called Rev. R. Veldman from a trio which included Revs. H. Hanko and M. Schipper. Grand Haven’s trio consists of the Revs. G. Lubbers, R. Veldman and B. Woudenberg. 

Eligible for a Call

Eligible for a Call.  The Banner of Nov. 27, 1959, contained the following notice:  “Classis Minnesota South with the advice of the synodical examiners of Classis Minnesota North, Orange City, and Sioux Center declares Rev. Peter De Boer of Edgerton, Minn., eligible for call to the Chr. Ref. Churches according to Art. 9 of the Church Order. Rev. De Boer comes to us from the Protestant Reformed Church (De Wolf group) of Edgerton. Rev. De Boer is able to preach in the Holland language.” The notice was signed by the Stated Clerk. 

The Population Problem

We have before us two articles appearing in different papers dealing with the population problem. Christian Economics presents a brief article written by Hugh Moore appearing in the November 17th issue and entitled: “The Population Bomb” in which the writer expresses great alarm at the fact that the world population is increasing at such enormous rates that he sees it as a threatening bomb with greater disaster potential than the atom bomb. 

Questions of Article 41

Christian Schools  “Are the Christian Schools cared for?”  This is the question with which the delegates of each Consistory are confronted every time the Classis meets. The very nature of the question, together with the real tendency in our present day to dissociate the Christian school from the church (consistory) altogether, makes it imperative to reevaluate and explain the significance of this matter. 

The Canons of Dordrecht

PART TWO  EXPOSITION OF THE CANONS  FIFTH HEAD OF DOCTRINE  OF THE PERSERVERANCE OF THE SAINTS  Article 14. And as it hath pleased God, by the preaching of the gospel, to begin this work of grace in us, so he preserves, continues, and perfects it by the hearing and reading of his Word, by meditation thereon, and by the exhortations, threatenings, and promises thereof, as well as by the use of the sacraments.

The Church and the Sacraments

VIEWS DURING THE THIRD PERIOD (750-1517 A.D.) THE SEVEN SACRAMENTS  HOLY ORDERS  (continued)  We concluded our preceding article with a quotation from the Dogmatics of Dr. H. Bavinck. We will now conclude this quotation. 

Freedom of Speech (4)

It is claimed that we have freedom of speech because this is a Christian nation. Some dare even go so far as to say that it is one of the fruits of the cross of Christ, one of the many things that we may enjoy because of His cross. 

Exposition of Luke 1:46-52

The passage on which I write this time is best known as the “Song of Mary”! In form of rhyme the church has sung this song of Mary throughout her history. And we do well to take a little bit more particular notice of the uniqueness of this song, as well in its form and content, as who it was who was singing this particular song.