Vol 36 Issue 04

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News From Our Churches

November 5, 1959  Rev. J. A. Heys announced his decision to heed the call from South Holland, thereby disappointing Edgerton which had also called him.  Rev. G. Lanting, also faced with calls from two congregations, chose to accept the call from Holland and declined the one from Randolph. 

Some Thoughts on Infant Baptism

Such is the title of a small pamphlet sent to us through the mail recently. The pamphlet’s author is not mentioned by name. No particular church denomination is indicated on the cover as distributer of the pamphlet. All that is indicated is that it is distributed by the Publishers of Quotations and Reflections, Post Office Box 507, Grand Rapids 2, Michigan, and a postscriptum at the conclusion of the pamphlet is signed with the initials K.W. 

Study Posits Hell On Way Out

The October 26th issue of Christianity Today and the November issue of Christian Herald both contain articles reflecting on a statement produced by an official study committee of the United Church of Canada which “discards eternal punishment, revises the doctrine of hell, holds out hope for the ultimate salvation of all men, approves prayers for the dead, and teaches that Christ’s second-coming need not occur in a ‘physical manner’.” 

Report of Western Ladie’s League

The Western Ladies’ League met in Edgerton, Minnesota on Oct. 9, 1959, with the ladies of Edgerton as our hostesses. 

Report of Eastern Ladie’s League

The, Ladies’ League meeting was held October 22 at our Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. The meeting was opened by singing Psalter No. 30 andPsalm 42:1. Our president Mrs. M. Schipper read I Peter 3:1-17 and I Tim. 2:9-15 and offered prayer. 

Article 41

(Continued)  Time and Place of Classical Meetings 

The Canons of Dordrecht


Freedom of Speech (2)

His name was Zacharias.  And he had a wonderful message to deliver.  He knew something that no other man on earth knew. He had the “news scoop” of the day. He had knowledge of that for which man had waited throughout the ages. To him had been revealed that which should be cried out from the housetops.  Yet he was unable to utter one word, one syllable of it!