Vol 35 Issue 04

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News From Our Churches

Rev. H. Kuiper has accepted the call extended to him by our newest church, Loveland. The installation service will be conducted, D.V., by the Rev. Heys, who will be on a classical assignment on that date, November l6. 

Helf after Address at Hull Mass Meeting

July, 1953  Questioner: Rev. H.C. Hoeksema  Answers by: Rev. H. Hoeksema  (Continued) 

The Synodical Decisions of 1924 on Common Grace

The November, 1958 issue of Torch and Trumpetcontains an article with the above title written by Dr. Fred H. Klooster, associate professor of Systematic Theology at Calvin Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  Obviously it is quite impossible to quote his entire article in our allotted space, since it is contained in about four and a half pages of that paper. We can therefore only reflect on some of the high points of his article and offer a few comments. 

The Church and the Sacraments, Views During The Third Period (750-1517 A.D.) The Supremacy Of The Pope, Reformers Before the Reformation, JOHN HUSS (continued)

We concluded our preceding article with the remark that, in spite of the papal bulls that were hurled at him, John Huss continued to preach and to condemn the Church. 

Jehovah, The God of Arithmetic (4)

“I AM that I AM.”  Thus did God speak concerning Himself when Moses asked Him what he should say to the Israelites when they would ask the name of the God who had appeared to him and had promised deliverance from the bondage of Egypt. 

Exposition of Matthew 24 and 25 (IX)

We have noticed, that, in the immediate context, Jesus states most emphatically that the “day” and the “hour” when the Son of Man Shall come in his “Parousia” is known to no one. And to this rule there are no exceptions. Among all the millions of men, the great and the small, there is not one who can state the exact date of Christ’s return. Even in the angel-world there is not one, not even Gabriel who stands before God, who knows the day or the hour. And, strange as it may seem, even the Son himself does not know...

Concerning Ishmael

There has come to my attention since the appearance of my article entitled “The Casting Out Of Ishmael” in the October 15 issue of The Standard Bearer (page 31) several questions concerning my presentation of the spiritual status of Ishmael. These were brought to my attention first in several private conversations and now in the appearance of a “Contribution” entitled “Ishmael Blessed” submitted by the Rev. R.C. Harbach. These responses are appreciated and I am every happy to use this article for a further explanation of my position. 

Missionary Notes

It is rather difficult for our well-fed (I mean with the Gospel) Protestant Reformed Churches to appreciate the position of the Isabel Reformed Church prior to the coming of Rev. H. Mensch in April of 1953.  For it can be truthfully said that the sheep here in Isabel were not well cared for by the Eureka Classis. They were short of ministers, it is true. But that does not alter the fact that Isabel was receiving a very, very little shepherding by the ministers in this vicinity, such as B.E. Bosma, the late W. Grossmann and R. Klaudt.