Vol 34 Issue 19

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Missionary Notes

The Dutch have a proverb which goes as follows:onbekend maakt onbemind, that is, “unknown is unloved”! 

Revelation By Dreams and Visions

In the June issue of there appeared an article under the title “Revelation” written by the Rev. Herman Hanko. As was stated at the time, it was the first of two articles treating the general subject of the revelation of God through means of dreams and visions. If, therefore, one wishes to receive full benefit from this article, it would be well for him to go back and peruse once more the article of Rev. Hanko. 

Free to Celebrate Christmas in the Future?

Recently a brother gave me a printed report issued by the Committee on Un-American Activities in which they consulted a certain Dr. F.C. Schwarz, executive director of the Christian Anti-Communist Crusade. The consultation took place in the office of the United States House of Representatives on Wednesday, May 29, 1957. The report is the clearest and most vivid description of the threat of Communism we have ever read. The complete title of the report, written in large letters, is: Will You Be Free To Celebrate Christmas In The Future? 

Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction

The Classis has the same jurisdiction over the Consistory as the Particular Synod has over the Classis and the General Synod over the Particular. Article 36, Church Order.  “Dit artikel is van beteekenis,” write Van Dellen and Keegstra in their “Kerkelijk Handboek.” 

The Church and the Sacraments, Views During the Third Period (750-1517 A.D.), The Supremacy of the Pope, The Decline of the Papacy and the Avignon Exile, A.D. 1294-1377

In his zeal against his old enemy Philip had called, probably as early as 1305, for the canonization of Coelestine V. A second time, in 1307. Boniface’s condemnation was pressed upon Clement by the king in person. But the pope knew how to prolong the prosecution on all sorts of pretexts. Philip represented himself as concerned for the interests of religion, and Nogaret and the other conspirators insisted that the assault at Avignon was a religious act, negotium fidei. Nogaret sent forth no less than twelve apologies defending himself for his part in the assault.

Spiritual Bifocals

The younger generation of our readers will not be in a position to appreciate to a very great extent the above title. The wearing of glasses is either an experience which they have not had yet; or else they have not yet been introduced to the additional excitement (?) of wearing bifocals.  The above title does not fully express, either, that which we have in mind and concerning which we would write at this time. But it will serve to introduce the matter.

Exposition of Matthew 24 and 25 (IV)

Jesus, we will remember, is uttering a prophetical discourse in which he answers the question of Peter, James and John concerning the time when the destruction shall be upon Jerusalem, and, therefore, upon the whole World.


The following is an old lecture which I here publish instead of the Rev. Ophoff’s article, who is unable to write at present. H.H. 

Our Synod of 1958 / Missions and Common Grace

Our Synod of 1958  The Committee of Pre-advice in the matter of the proposed new Bible translation advised Synod to adopt the following letter:  “Dr. M.J. Wyngaarden, Corresponding Secretary of the Committee for Bible translation,  “Calvin Seminary,  “Franklin and Calvin, Grand Rapids, Michigan.  “Dear Dr. Wyngaarden: