Vol 34 Issue 18

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Freedom From Fear (6)

“Say unto God. How terrible art Thou in Thy works!” “O God, Thou art terrible out of Thy holy places.”  “Let them praise Thy great and terrible name; for it is holy.” 

1. Missionary Notes 2. Report of Western Ladies’ League

Missionary Notes It was a very distinct and spiritual joy of heart for the undersigned when the Synod of our churches voted to accept the Reformed Church of Loveland into the fellowship of the Protestant Reformed Churches possibly no one in that gathering felt in his soul what I did at that moment: what God hath wrought! A firstfruits, from a certain viewpoint, of the labors of the present-Home Missionary. 

The Angel of Jehovah

The subject matter of this essay is quite well-known and yet rather mysterious. Probably it is so well-known because the title—Angel of Jehovah or Angel of the Lord—appears so frequently in Scripture. While on the other hand we may say with certainty that this matter is indeed mysterious for when we begin to examine and make an attempt to understand the Angel we suddenly come to the hallowed realization of the depths or unfathomableness of God’s works and ways.

All Around Us

Reaffirming the Reformation.  Through the courtesy of a friend and brother, the paper “Christian Economics,” published in New York City is sent to my address. The issue of May 27, 195S, contained an interesting article with the same title as above. It purports to be excerpts from a sermon preached by the Rev. Paul Wolfe, D.D., pastor of Brick Presbyterian Church of New York, on October 27, 1957. 

The Moderamen

“In all assemblies these shall be not only a. president, but also a clerk to keep a faithful record of all important matters. Art. 34, Church Order. “The office of the president is to state and explain the business to be transacted, to see to it that everyone observe due order in speaking, to silence the captious and those who are vehement in speaking; and to properly discipline them if they refuse to listen. Furthermore his office shall cease when the assembly arises.” Art. 35, Church Order

The Canons of Dordrect


Exposition of Matthew 24 and 25 (3)

As we have attempted to point out and explain in the former essays, we are here dealing with the great eschatological address of Jesus to His disciples on the Mount of Olives. 

The Book of Revelation, Chapter 18, The Song of the Redeemed and of the Angels, Chapter 19, The Presentation of the Prayers of the Saints

Chapter 3, The Song of the Redeemed and of the Angels Revelation 7:10-12  Man is powerful, man is willing, man is essentially good and is by nature a fit subject of that kingdom of God in Christ. Hence we must simply believe in the power and the goodness of man, and set to work to realize the kingdom and to redeem the world from the curse and the effects of imperfection.

Our Synod of 1958

If I am not mistaken, the Synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches that assembled in the First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Mich., will go down in the annals of history, if not as one of the most important, nevertheless, as one of the most pleasant and harmonious synods of our churches.  This does not mean that we always agreed on everything that was proposed, for we did not.