Vol 33 Issue 19

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Report of Classis East

July 10, 1957 at Hope Protestant Reformed Church Rev. G. Vos, chairman of the April Classis led in devotions. All the churches of Classis East were represented by two delegates. Rev. B. Woudenberg, following the order of rotation, presided over this session of Classis. This was the first time this youthful minister of Creston presided, and he acquitted himself well of his task. Rev. Vos transcribed the minutes.

The Reformed Faith and Arminianism

Such is the title of a paper written by the Rev. Joseph A. Hill, for the reception of which I am indebted to Pastor Arthur F. Brown of Pottstown, Pa. Because it clearly sets forth the Arminianism of Billy Graham and other evangelicals, and therefore coincides with our judgment of Graham and others like him, a judgment we have expressed on more than one occasion in this department, I thought our readers would appreciate what he has to say. 

Major and Minor AssembliesQ

Last time we concluded our article with a quotation from “The Church Order Commentary” which touched upon the matter of the distinction between major and minor ecclesiastical assemblies. As we stated then, we intend, D.V., to discuss this matter more fully in connection with another article of our Church Order but we desire to make just a few remarks in the present connection. 

The Significance of the Candlestick

The golden candlestick was an article of furniture in the tabernacle and temple of Israel. Both the tabernacle and the temple were built after the same pattern—they were divided into three main sections, the outer court, the holy place and the holy of holies. Each section of this building had its articles of furniture, and the candlestick was founds in the holy place. 

The Church and the Sacraments


Living As the Lord Wills

We certainly do.  We have a calling to learn what the will of the Lord is in every phase of our life and in every circumstance of our life. Our calling is to do nothing that is contrary to the will of God. Never may our prayers breathe any other spirit than the one in Jesus’ prayer, “Not my will but Thy will be done.”  Yet it may also be stated that we always do live as He wills. 

Exposition of I Corinthians 12-14

We should ever keep in mind, for the proper understanding of this beautiful song of love in I Corinthians, that Paul is discussing the concept love from the viewpoint of its superior nature to all other spiritual gifts in the church. And, when he does so, he does not merely speak of the concept love in the abstract, but as love concretely reveals itself in the Church on earth by the operation of the spirits of Christ. 

The Calling of the Minister of the Gospel*

* Commencement address delivered on the evening of June 12, in the First Protestant Reformed Church, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

As To Books

Augustinus, by Prof. Dr. A. Sizoo. Published by J.H. Kok, N.V., Kampen, the Netherlands. Price (in American money) $4.00, in Dutch money f 13.75. 

The Letter

Here follows the letter which those that caused a schism in our churches sent to the synod of the Christian Reformed Church. I am not sure that it is, in all respects, the same as the letter that was actually sent for in a caption above the letter I now have it is stated that it is the letter “as drafted by the committee.” I understand that the synod acted favorably upon this letter.