Vol 33 Issue 04

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Report of the Ladies’ League meeting

held Oct. 25, 1956, at First Prot. Ref. Church. Mrs. Tom Van Eenanam played the piano prelude and also for the group singing. We sang Psalter No. 151 and Dutch Psalm No. 42 verse 1. Our President, Mrs. Harbin read I Peter 2 and led the meeting in prayer. She gave word of welcome to all the ladies present. We were favored with a musical number entitled “I Know Whom I Have Believed” by a double trio from Fourth Church.

Report of the Western Ladies’ League

On the afternoon of October 12, 1956 our fall meeting of the Ladies’ League of the Protestant Reformed Churches was held at Edgerton, Minnesota. 

1. Accepting Christ. 2. “Mission Activity in the Prot. Ref. Churches.”

Accepting Christ The last time I called the attention of our readers to a little pamphlet entitled: “Popular Phraseology Considered” written by Principal C. Breed of the Strict Baptist group. I promised to finish in this issue the complete quotation of this pamphlet. The second part of this pamphlet has to do with the expression “Accepting Christ.” The writer continues as follows: 

The Canons of Dordrecht: Part Two

EXPOSITION OF THE CANONS  THIRD AND FOURTH HEADS OF DOCTRINE  OF THE CORRUPTION OF MAN, HIS CONVERSION TO GOD, AND THE MANNER THEREOF  Article 2. Man after the fall begat children in his own likeness. A corrupt stock produced a corrupt offspring. Hence all the posterity of Adam, Christ only excepted, have derived corruption from their original parent, not by imitation, as the Pelagians of old asserted, but by the propagation of a vicious nature.

Giving In His Fear (3)

A new Theological School building had been erected.  An impressive dedicatory service had been held in one of its well furnished rooms.  Now two who had listened carefully to the dedicatory sermon were on the way homeward: a father and his son.  “You do not believe that, do you, father?” the son asked of his father. “Believe what, my son?” was the reply. 

The Prephecy of Zechariah, Chapter VIII: Always Greater Blessings

6. Thus saith the Lord of hosts, because it is marvelous in the eyes of the remnant of this people, shall it be marvelous in mine eyes also? saith the Lord of hosts. 7. Thus saith the Lord of hosts; Behold, I will saw my people from the east country, and from the west country; and they shall be to me for a people, and I will be to them for a God in truth and in righteousness. 

The Book of Revelation, Chapter 5, The Church Strong in Tribulation. Chapter 6, The Church Lax in Discipline

THE CHURCH STRONG IN TRIBULATION In times of prosperity it is not so difficult to confess Christ as their King. When He scores victory upon victory, it is an honor to belong to His honor. Our faithfulness is not manifest. But when because of His name we are subject to persecution, the objects of the mockery and reproach of the world, when the confession of His name is the cause of trouble and much tribulation, then to confess that name is faithfulness. The church in Smyrna was in tribulation, could expect a still more severe form of persecution in the...

As To Books

Expository Outlines on the Whole Bible, by Charles Simeon. Published by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price per volume $3.95. Ten dollars less for the whole set if ordered before December 31, 1956.