Vol 32 Issue 13

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The Apostates of 1953 and the Three Points

To the camouflaged interpretation of the second statement of De Wolf by Bellflower (Doezema) we will call attention presently.  First, however, we must call attention to the second and third points of Kalamazoo 1924 for our subject speaks of the apostates and the three points. We will, therefore, quote the second and third points in order to see whether or not and in how far the apostates subscribe to them as they, undoubtedly do to the first point.  The second point reads as follows:

Jesus’ Resurrection

It must have been rather late in the afternoon when two of the disciples of Jesus left Jerusalem for the village called Emmaus. Rather late, because the distance was about 7 miles and when they arrived there, it was toward evening and the day was far spent.  And what a day it had been!  On the afternoon of that day of Jesus’ resurrection, we see two men leaving the gates of the holy city in order to direct their steps to the village called Emmaus.