Vol 31 Issue 19

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Report of Classis East

In session July 6, 1955 in the Hudsonville Prot. Ref. Church Rev. R. Veldman, chairman of the April Classis, led in devotions. We sang Psalter No. 203. He read Psalm 121and offered prayer. All the churches were represented with proper credentials. However, two of the eleven churches had only one delegate.

Recent History of the Hull Protestant Reformed Church

Dear Editor:  May we at this time ask you for a little space in theStandard Bearer please?  It is now nearly one year and eight months since we met in our church building. It was on September 20, 1953 that we as the continuation of the Protestant Reformed Church of Hull, Iowa had to find a meeting place for our services.  For some weeks we met in Western Christian High School. It was at that time that we asked the Rev. M. Schipper who was then pastor of our church at South Holland, Illinois to labor with us and for us. 

Mission News

There is a general sentiment amongst the readers of the Standard Bearer, that they would like to hear something from the Home Missionary concerning his labors during the past four months in the field. At least if I have correctly interpreted a cross-section of such opinion expressed to me during the past few days here in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Gladly do I relate a few of my experiences as a novice in the field of Missionary endeavors. 

1. Liberated Protestant Reformed Churches. 2. “The Reformed Guardian”.

Liberated Protestant Reformed Churches.  Two clippings from two issues of the Canadian Reformed Magazine (Liberated) were sent to me recently by a friend and brother who suggested that we might like to make a few comments in our department of the Standard Bearer. This we gladly do because both of the clippings will be of interest to our PR people since they not only reflect on our churches, but also on the schismatic group that recently left us. 

The Church and the Sacraments, Views During the Second Period (300-750 A.D.). The Episcopacy.

We concluded our preceding article with the observation that it is truly a remarkable phenomenon that the episcopal form of church government should characterize the Church of God for about fifteen hundred years, from the time of the apostles to the Reformation. It is a truly remarkable phenomenon because it is undoubtedly true that the Word of God supports the Presbyterian form of church government. And one can hardly deny that this phenomenon is worthy of a little investigation. 

A Snare for Our Children (2)

When a new vaccine which will protect our children against the dreadful Polio germ is discovered and made available, we rush our children off to the doctor to give them the benefit of this preventative measure.  But many of us persist in leaving a snare for our children.  When firemen, auxiliary policemen or even trustworthy senior students are placed on street corners to insure the safe passage of our children from one side of the busy thoroughfare to the other, we hail it as a wonderful safety measure. 

Exposition of Hebrews 11:22-26 (continued)

Of this one who is great in the annals of the history of Israel we must say just a word more. It is demanded by the text in question, for it says of this Moses that he so very clearly saw the underlying issue in his decision to refuse to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. It was the “pleasures of sin for a season” or it was “suffer the reproach of Christ.”