Vol 31 Issue 04

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Exposition of II Timothy 2:14

The passage which we will this time consider contains instructions from Paul to Timothy in regard to what must be constantly held before the attention of the church in order that she may truly walk in godliness, steadfast in the truth in Christ Jesus. The church must be built and established in Christ and walk in all good works of faith and gratitude. The saints in Christ must walk in the good works which have been before prepared for her that she should walk in them. 

The Prophecy of Isaiah

The prophet of the disputed chapters, Isaiah 40-66, over and over stresses the fact that the ability to foretell the future belongs to God alone and not the idols, and that this proves His divinity. His determining foreknowledge and power. This, too, strongly pleads for the view that the Cyrus prophecies were uttered long before the appearance of Cyrus in history.

A Protest and Its Reply (6)

I further quote from the reply by the former consistory as follows: “b) The classis erred when it stated that ‘the first (statement) teaches a general promise of God to all that hear.’

Salvation By The Foolishness Of Preaching

“For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, if pleased God by the foolishness oft preaching to save them that believe.” I Cor. 1:21

Fall Meeting of the Ladies League / A Misrepresentation / Humbug! / Church News / Report of the Western Ladies League

Fall Meeting of the Ladies League The Fall meeting of the Ladies League of the Protestant Reformed Churches was held October 14, 1954, at our Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church. Our meeting was opened by singing Psalter number 330 and Psalm 68:10, after which our president, Mrs. F.

More Straws

Another straw. And this is a very, very evil one! We hesitated a long, long time before coming to the conclusion that this matter also ought to be shown up for what it is worth and for its exceeding sinfulness. We have now become convinced that these things also must not go unchallenged.