Vol 30 Issue 07

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“Reformation in Redlands”

This is what Rev. Vermeer calls the split in Redlands, California congregation. Does Vermeer mean to tell us, that they, namely, Vermeer and his followers have separated themselves from the Protestant Reformed Churches, who are become so heretical, that they can no longer go with them?

Sermon Excerpt on Mark 16:20

Excerpt of a sermon on Mark 16:20 by Joseph Irons, preached at the Welsh Chapel, Jewin Crescent, Aldersgate Street on October 27, 1841. First of all, it must be preaching, that honours all the Persons and perfections of Diety. It must not rob the Father of His sovereignty; it must not rob the Son of His responsibility; it must not rob the Holy Ghost of His efficient ministry.

A Testimony from the Records (continued)

An error crept into the printing of my article entitled above in the Standard Bearer dated Dec. 1, 1953. The year in which the undersigned registered his disagreement with with Consistory’s stand taken on Dec. 20, 1950, against Synod adopting the Declaration of Principles should be Feb. 22, 1951 in place of Feb. 22, 1953.

Pertinent Quotations from the “Dogmatics” of Rev. H. Hoeksema

Since it is so persistently insisted that the Rev. H. Hoeksema in former years taught a conditional promise, and that now our esteemed professor has shifted in his teaching from that former position, the time has come to let the record speak.

Science And The Bible

In the November issue of The Witness we came across an interesting article on Science and the Bible in which the author attempts to show that the Scriptures are not behind but ahead of the times. Here follows the article in full, and we pass it on to you without comment.

Special Admission into the Ministry

To every rule there is an exception! And to the exception there is a rule! This is what we find in the eighth article of our Church Order. We have the rule governing the exception. The exception is the admission of certain persons into the ministry in a way different from the usual course prescribed in Art. 4. The rule governing this is set forth in the article. Permit us to quote it in full.

The Church and the Sacraments, Early Views Of The Sacraments Of Baptism (cont’d)

Continuing with our discussion of the early views of the sacrament of baptism, and calling attention to the significance of this sacrament during that early period of the Church in the New Dispensation, we noted that one might easily receive the impression from some expressions of the early Church Fathers that they attributed efficacy to the external rite of baptism, such as the power of regeneration, cleansing from sin, sanctification.

Afraid of the Gospel (9)

Conditional Theology. Christless preaching. These, we wrote last time, go hand in hand.

Exposition of I Peter 1:22-25 (1)

It was with more than usual pains that we prepared ourselves to write some expository thoughts on this last section of this chapter, the verses 22-25. The reason for this careful study and preparation is due to two reasons. The first is, that in this passage various concepts call for a rather careful analysis and study. It is of the utmost importance to know the meaning of a term before we can say anything positive and constructive about it.

The Prophecy of Isaiah (Continued)

c. Prophecy regarding Jerusalem called in the text valley of vision.” Isaiah 22:1-7