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Pertinent Quotations From the Dogmatics of Rev. H. Hoeksema

Surely it is high time that the mists of confusion and misrepresentation be dispelled by the indisputably clear testimony of the recorded facts, as these are set forth in the Dogmatics Notes of Rev. H. Hoeksema, now more than a quarter of century ago when I and Rev. B. Kok were yet students in our Seminary.

Common Grace: The Accepted View

Most of our readers know no doubt that Torch and Trumpet, a periodical published by a group of ministers in the Christian Reformed Churches, has decided to review the matter of Common Grace. It purposes to do this by publishing a series of articles written by representative men in various church groups who will express their views on this subject. We understand that even the Rev. H. Hoeksema has been asked to write an article in this series.

Specially Gifted Men

The last time we wrote that it was possible, though not advisable, for men endowed with special gifts to be admitted to the ministry of the word without the usual prescribed course of study in the theological school. This time we purpose to write a few lines about the gifts with which such men are to be endowed as these are requisite unto being admitted into the office of the ministry under the special provisions of Article 8.

Part 2 – Exposition of the Canons, First Head of Doctrine of Divine Predestination. Article 4

Article 4. The wrath of God abideth upon those who believe not this gospel. But such as receive it, and embrace Jesus the Savior by a true and living faith, are by him delivered from the wrath of God, and from destruction, and have the gift of eternal life conferred upon them.

The Church and the Sacraments, Early Views Of The Sacrament Of Baptism. A Few General Observations (cont’d). The Significance of Baptism.

A Few General Observations (cont’d) In our preceding article we remarked that, beginning a series of articles on the “early views of the sacrament of baptism” we thought it not amiss to call attention to the washings and purifications in Israel in the Old Testament. We also called attention to the baptism of John, and briefly touched upon the Baptism Formula. We are now ready to continue with our “general observations” to which we purposed to call attention before deciding to write the article which appeared in the preceding Standard Bearer.

Afraid of the Gospel (10)

Conditional theology is an insult to God! Thus we wrote in a former article. And we would have you note that we say that conditional theology is an insult to God. We do not say that every use of the conditional form is to be condemned. To use what, in grammar, is called the conditional form does not necessarily mean that you are presenting conditional theology and are making statements that are insults to God.

Exposition of I Peter 1:22-25 (2)

In our former article we were occupied with the grand truth that this Scripture passage from I Peter 1:22-25 is a precept of the gospel to the reborn church of God. We ended by asserting that Peter does not admonish the Church to become what she is not, but rather the Church is admonished to live out in holy fear and trembling what (she has been made to be in Christ. More and more we must love one another fervently from the heart. That is conversion.

Part 3 – Of Thankfulness, Lord’s Day 39, Chapter 1: The Question of Authority (cont’d). Chapter 2: Obedience and Promise

Chapter 1: The Question of Authority (Cont’d) The fifth commandment, therefore, concerns principally the question of authority and obedience. And with that question we meet in every relationship of life in the world. This is the reason why the Catechism and all Reformed thinkers explain the fifth commandment as applying to every department of life. As the Catechism explains, “I shall show all proper love, fidelity, and obedience to all that are in authority over me.”

The Age of the Earth / The Gospel in an Alienated or UnChristian World

DE OUDERDOM DER AARDE. (The Age of the Earth), by Dr. G.J. Sizoo e.a. Published by J.H. Kok, N. V. Kampen, the Netherlands. Price f.2.90. One who is interested to learn on the basis of what arguments science concludes that the earth is millions and even billions of years old, will do well to read this book but—critically. The authors all confess to believe the biblical account of the creation of the world. In this book, however, they do not proceed from it, but only from the viewpoint of science.

Re: The Reformed Guardian and the Rev. Petter

This is a continuation of the editorial that was written by special request of the editor. (Re: Reformed Guardian – Vol. 1, Nov. 27, 1953, No. 9) H.H.