Vol 30 Issue 04

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The Third Ecumenical Synod

Most of our readers will remember that the Prot­estant Reformed Churches had received an invitation to attend the third Reformed Ecumenical Synod which was held last August in Edinburgh, Scotland. They are also aware of the fact that the delegates appointed by our Synod did not go as had been previously plan­ned. Because of our interest in this international ec­clesiastical assembly and its work, we thought it well to present the following gathered from the reports of two witnesses who attended. The two witnesses are the Rev.

Part 2, First Head of Doctrine, Of Divine Predestination, Article 1 (continued)

We may distinguish three main propositions in the chain of reasoning which the Canons follow in this first article. They are the following:

The Church and the Sacraments, Early Views of the Church (Cont’d)

Another of the Church Fathers to whom we would call attention in connection with our discussion of the early views of the Church particularly as concerning the tremendous esteem in which the office of bishop was held is Tertullian. In our last two articles we called attention to the writings of Ignatius and Irenaeus and noticed that the latter even calls the bishops the successors of the apostolate.

Afraid of the Gospel (6)

In response to our publishing of his statements that “Many people also speak this way about accept the terms of the covenant. We do indeed believe in covenant obligations and privileges, but never as con­ditions,” the Rev. Gritters objected by personal letter and declared that we could not find in any of his cur­rent writings that he now embraces conditional elec­tion.

Exposition of I Peter 1:17

We continue our exposition of I Peter in this es­say. This time we intend to make a few remarks concerning verse 17 of this Chapter. This passage is very rich in instruction and exhortation and, there­fore, worthy of our believing and prayerful attention. The text in question reads as follows: “And if ye call on Him as Father, who without respect of persons judges according to each man’s work, pass the time of your sojourning in fear.”

The Prophecy of Isaiah (Continued)

III. Prophecies against individual nations of Is­rael’s and Judah’s limited world, Isaiah 13-23 1. The first prophecy against Babylon, Isaiah 13:1-14:2

Part 3, Of Thankfulness, Lord’s Day 38, Chapter 2: The Historic Phases of the Weekly Sabbath

The question must now be asked and answered: why do the Christians in the new dispensation cele­brate the first day, rather than the last day of the week? In order to answer this (question, we must call attention to the different phases of the weekly sab­bath in the history of the development of God’s cov­enant.

Gestalten Der Liedfde (Manifestation of Love) / Tijd En Eeuwigheiid (Time and Eternity) / Inleiding In De Zielkunde (Introduction to Psychology)

GESTALTEN DER LIEFDE (Manifestations of Love), by Dr. G. Brillenburg-Wurth. Published by J.H. Kok, N.V. Kam­pen, the Netherlands. Price f. 4.95.


When I read all the attempts to explain the hereti­cal statements of De Wolf, I am reminded of the pas­sage in Eph. 4:14, 15, and of the synodical sermon I preached on that text in 1950, the year when the Declaration of Principles was first adopted.