Vol 30 Issue 01

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Report of Classis West

Rev. James Howerzyl calls the meeting together and opens with announcing a Psalter number, reads Rom. 12 and offers prayer. All churches except Bellflower (Rev. L. Doezema was hindered from being present) are represented with proper delegation. Rev. M. Gritters be­comes chairman for the day and Rev. S. Cammenga keeps minutes.


Dear Editor,                                                           ‘ Will you please put this in the Standard Bearer? A WORD FOR IT

1. The Promise Conditional or Unconditional? 2. The Present Debacle in the Protestant Reformed Church.

The Promise Conditional or Unconditional? In his rubric “Trends in Religious Thought”, pro­fessor Louis Berkhof, in the Banner of August 21st, treats the subject: “The Unity of the Covenant of Grace.” It is not my purpose to reflect on his article as such

The Church and the Sacraments, Early Views of the Church (cont’d)

The reader will recall that we, in our previous article, were calling attention to the development of the episcopal form of church government in the early period of the New Testament Church. We noticed the rise to power of the monarchical, diocesan, and met­ropolitan bishops.

Afraid of the Gospel (3)

Seeds germinate. Such is the process of life. And if you do not root up or choke that which sprouts forth from the seed, the plant will soon come to that degree of growth that you can distinguish the plant from other types of plants.

Just Word of Explanation

This time I shall not use the space commonly oc­cupied by the rubric “From Holy Writ” for that pur­pose. Rather I shall take this opportunity to give an account of myself and of my stand as a member of the “Majority Committee” in the matter of the protests against the “Statements of Rev. De Wolf.”

The Prophecy of Isaiah

b. The second introduction, Isaiah 2-5 vers. 1-4. With the second chapter a new prophecy begins as is indicated by the first verse: “The word that Isaiah the son of Amos saw concerning Judah and Jerusalem.”

Part 3, Of Thankfulness, Lord’s Day 37. Chapter 2: The Oath in the World

In the kingdom of heaven, so we explained in our last chapter, the oath properly has no place, and should not be necessary, for the simple reason that the believer always should stand consciously before the face of God, and that therefore in the communion of saints the yea should always be yea, and the nay, nay.

What Happened in the West

By this heading I am not referring to the very foolish decisions of Classis West, with which, by this time, we are all acquainted, but to the immediate con­sequences and results of their absurd actions. Briefly I will relate these.