Vol 29 Issue 13

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And Peter!

“…Tell his disciples and Peter!” Mark 16:7b And Peter! Tell his disciples and Peter! Thus the angel had commissioned the women, when they had come to perform a last service upon the body of their beloved Lord, but found the grave where He had been laid vacated.

Absalom Slain (II Sam. 18:14-18) (1)

As was said, “the man’s” words were cutting. All that Joab could manage in the way of reply was that he would not thus tarry with “the man” wasting time in useless argument. Absalom in the meantime might escape by himself or some of the people with as lit­tle courage as “this man” might release him from the tree and deliver him up to David alive. Unable to understand David’s attitude, he was determined to see to it that Absalom did not leave that forest alive.