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Report of Classis West

MET IN SIOUX CENTER, IOWA—MARCH 4-7, 1953 Report of Classis West Rev. Peter De Boer calls the meeting to order. Psalter No. 200 is sung, reads Psalm 91 and offers prayer. Credentials show, twelve churches to be represented by twenty-two delegates. Those present for the first time sign the F. of S. Rev. L. Doezema is chairman for the day and Rev. Die Boer records the minutes.

Hoeksema’s Foolish Binding? / Woman Suffrage in the Netherlands / Prayers for the Liberated

Hoeksema’s Foolish Binding? In the “Poortwake”, a weekly paper of the Girl’s Societies of the Liberated Churches in the Netherlands, in the issue of February 6th, page 384, we came across a little article under the caption: “Een Zichtbare Of Onzichtbare Kerk”, a Visible or Invisible Church. The article is reflecting on another article appearing in a Canadian paper, also sponsored by the Liberated Group, written by a certain Rev.

Good Order

“To him that ordereth his conversation aright will I shew the salvation of God”. Psalm 50:23

Why Doctrines Have A History

Scripture is no book of formulated doctrines Scripture, although not a book of formulated doc­trines, is, of course, the source of all doctrines. The Bible is not merely a revelation of a truth. Christian­ity, we understand, is not simply a religion or another religion. It is not true, of course, that Christ pro­claimed truth, but that Confucius and Mohammed, etc., also proclaimed truth. The Bible is the revela­tion of the truth. It is the Lord’s own and only in­spired revelation of Himself as the God of our salva­tion.

Exposition of Isaiah 53:8, 9

In these days of “Lent” is may be doing the care­ful reader a service by asking attention to the meaning of a portion of Isaiah 53. There are some fundamental considerations to keep in mind when we try to interpret this beautiful pas­sage in which the suffering servant of the Lord is portrayed to us with such clarity that we see the very essence of the mystery of the cross.

That Fifth Sparrow

Two plus two is five. If your child came home from school with that kind of arithmetic, you would not be surprised to find a low mark on his report card. If he were actually taught that in school by his teacher, you would make a certain visit to her and if that did not avail, to the school board for allowing such things to be taught your child. Two plus two is four.

Part 3, Of Thankfulness, Lord’s Day 35. Chapter 3: God’s Revelation (cont’d). Chapter 4: God is a Jealous God.

3. God’s Revelation (cont’d) Originally God revealed Himself in paradise through the things that are made, in the Holy Spirit, to the man as he stood in the image of God in the state of original righteousness, God had called out of nothing, by the Word of His power, the whole beau­tiful universe. And every creature in that universe was indeed a Word of God, a symbol by which God revealed Himself to man. The whole creation spelled the name of the creator. For “the heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.

The Bible explained for the Dutch people (DE BIJBEL TOEGELICHT VOOR HET NEDERLANDSCHE VOLK) / Outlines in Dogmatics (HOOFDLIJNEN IN DE DOGMATIEK)

DE BIJBEL TOEGELICHT VOOR HET NEDERLANDSCHE VOLK. (The Bible explained for the Dutch people). Pub­lished by J.H. Kok, N.V., Kampen, the Netherlands. EXODUS, by Dr. P.N. Kruyswijk. In an introduction the writer points out the purpose or can­onical significance of Exodus as follows: “What is the purpose of the divine revelation in Exodus? It purposes to proclaim the continuation of God’s redemptive work, whereby God fulfills His promises in the adoption of His people, and with a view to the coming of Christ.”

Conditions in the Light of Scripture

We must agree, therefore, that the term condition also in theological and dogmatical parlance certainly means a requisite, or prerequisite, in order that some­thing else may take effect. When, for instance, we say that God promises us salvation on condition that we believe, the meaning can only be that unless we fulfill the condition or the prerequisite of believing, the promise of God can take no effect. Our act of believing is first, and the effect of the promise follows.