Vol 29 Issue 10

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The Age of the Earth

The problem of the age of the earth appears to a­waken new interest among scientists that confess to be Christians and to believe in the testimony of holy writ. Another question is whether, in their scienti­fic research and in their attempt to solve the prob­lems of the age of the earth, they really take Scripture into account or ignore it completely.

Exposition of I Peter 1:8, 9

Once more we return to our exposition of the first epistle of Peter. In doing so it is important to bear in mind, that in these verses of the first chapter of Peter our attention is called to our new and exalted status quo before God, our new relationship to God by virtue of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. We have passed from death unto life in Him; a tran­sition has taken place whereby we have been taken, from the power of darkness and set in the Kingdom of God’s Son in the flesh, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Defeat of Ahithophel’s Counsel (II Samuel 16:15 – II Samuel 17:14)

Leaving David and his followers to refresh them­selves in the plain of Jordan, let us return to Jeru­salem and observe the progress of the rebellion there. In the meantime, Absalom with Ahithophel and the whole band of his adherents had removed from Hebron to the holy city. Coming to him, Hushai with feigned enthusiasm and with considerable gusto, it may be imagined, uttered his greeting: May the king live! May the king live!

Journalistic Ethics

The above topic describes a subject which pertains to a life “in His fear”, about which we desire to say a few words and to issue a warning to our readers.

God’s Providence (10): God’s Providence and the Miracle

Its Significance In this concluding article on the providence of God we wish to call attention to the significance of the miracle. We have already noticed that a common in­terpretation of this phenomenon views it as a super­natural work of the Lord. Attention has also been called to the words which appear in holy writ to designate these mighty works of our God. And we con­cluded our previous article with the observation that the essential significance of the miracle is expressed by the word “sign”.

Of Books

CHRISTUS IN ZIIJN LIJDEN (Christ In His Suffering), Dr. K. Sehilder. Published by J.H. Kok, Kampen, The Nether­lands. Price f. 13.75. This work is already so well known among us, both in its original language and its translation into English, that it hardly needs to be reviewed. I am sure that several of our readers already have it in their possession and read it. To those that do not have it and are not acquainted with it, I gladly recommend it.

Part 3 – Of Thankfulness. Lord’s Day 35, Chapter 1: God is Glorious

Q. 96. What doth God require in the second com­mandment? A. That we in no wise represent God by images, nor worship him in any other way than he has com­manded in his word. Q. 97. Are images then not at all to be made?

1. Reorganization. 2. The Promise According to the Confessions.

Reorganization In recent meetings of the staff of the Standard Bearer it was decided to inject some new blood both into the editorial staff and into the contents of our magazine. New rubrics were added. And for those new ru­brics it was decided to add new members to the editor­ial staff of the Standard Bearer.