Vol 29 Issue 05

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Exposition of I Peter 1:4, 5 (concluded)

Permit us a few remarks concerning the meaning of these verses as we have thus far considered them. In the first place, we have noticed that we have been born anew unto a living hope, through the re­surrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. The power of our hope is the power of God manifested and wrought in His resurrection.

Science and the Bible / The Liberated Slam the Door Shut

Science And The Bible In Signs of the Times, Oct. 21, 1952, an article oc­curred under the heading “Is the Bible Scientific?” From this article I quote the following interesting i­tems: The mighty advance of science since the beginning of the nineteenth century can hard­ly be realized. In chemistry, physics, electri­city, aeronautics, biology, medicine, physio­logy, geology, paleontology, the increase of knowledge is tremendous. This is above all, the age of science.

Looking To The Future. Chapter 4: Concerning Textbooks

In our discussion of the future of our movement for Protestant Reformed education, with its problems and the solution thereof, the matter of proper text­books occupies a major position. As important as are tools to the carpenter, machinery to the farmer, pro­duce to the merchant, so important are textbooks to teacher and pupil. They are the “tools” with which the finished product of an education are built. And no one can produce a properly finished product with inadequate tools.

The Rite of Expiatory Sacrifice

Under this heading we are here occupied with the spiritual benefits that the Old Testament believers de­rived from their animal sacrifices. To come to clarity on this point we must allow the Scriptures to instruct us regarding the speech that the Lord imposed upon the animal sacrifices. For it was in response to this speech that was made to dwell richly in the heart of every believing worshipper that he received testimony in his heart that he was righteous.

This Happened in the Hills of Kentucky by John Vogel

THIS HAPPENED IN THE HILLS OF KENTUCKY, by John Vogel. Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $3.95. We probably all heard, by this time, of the “Gali­lean Children’s Home” in the “hills of Kentucky”, for it was widely advertised. This book relates the his­tory of its beginnings and growth in a very interesting story form.

Part 3 – Of Thankfulness, Lord’s Day 33, Chapter 3: Mortification and Quickening (cont’d)

From this it will also be evident that conversion has two aspects. These two aspects the Catechism de­scribes in Questions and Answers 89 and 90.

Reply to the Rev. Kok (2)

 (Let me now elucidate the statement to which, according to his article in Concordia, the Rev. Kok al­so subscribes, namely, that the gospel preaching is “a general proclamation of a particular or conditional promise”.

The Pure in Heart

“Blessed are the pure in, heart: for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8