Vol 29 Issue 04

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Exposition of I Peter 1:4, 5 (continued)

We now stand before the task of inquiring into the meaning of the threefold qualification of this inheri­tance in heaven. Of his inheritance, kept in heaven, Peter tells us, that it is: incorruptible, undefilable and that it fades not away. Concerning each of these elements just a word.

The Union Question / How The Old Country Knows History

The Union Question The Reformed Journal recently conducted a dis­cussion on the question of a believer’s affiliation with a worldly union. The nature of this discussion one may ascertain from a reply to Dr. George Stob by Mr. Joseph Gritters, the latter representing the C.L.A. Perhaps it is expedient, for a correct evaluation of the reply by Mr. Gritters, briefly to state the position of Dr. Stob. It is principally the same as that of the late Rev. J. Groen.

The Reconciliation

Allowing himself to be prevailed upon to recall Absalom, David instructed Joab to bring him again. But the king would not admit him into his presence. “Let him turn to his own house, and let him not see my face.” Such was the mandate. “So Absalom re­turned to his own house, and saw not the king’s face.” Let us understand this word of the king. Let us grasp its implications for Absalom.

Looking To The Future (Chapter 3)

 We conclude our remarks on the subject of teacher training with a few observations as to the execution of a plan to establish our own facilities for the train­ing of Protestant Reformed teachers. Again we re­mind you that we have only some suggestions to make, rather than a full-blown plan.

God’s Providence (4): God’s Providence and Sin

The Lord’s sovereign government and control over all things a “bone of contention” throughout the ages.

Part 3 – Of Thankfulness, Lord’s Day 33, Chapter 3: Mortification and Quickening

Conversion we defined as the work of God where­by the regenerated sinner through the Spirit and Word is efficaciously turned about from the way of sin to the way of righteousness, from the service of the de­vil to the service of God, the fruit of which is that the converted sinner hates sin, eschews it and flees from it, and walks in the way of God’s precepts with his whole heart.

The Closing of Concordia

The article that appears below, “Reply to the Rev. Kok”, was written and sent before Concordia was closed. I think it very strange, to put it mildly, that Con­cordia first allows the Rev. Kok to attack me, permits him to announce to all our people that he intends to ask me some questions, and thereupon closes its col­umns so that I cannot reply.