Vol 26 Issue 10

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Called To His Praise: Lips that Praise

If our eyes are the windows of our souls through which we look out into the world round about us and through which others look in to read what is in our souls, then our ears are doors through which the world comes into our souls. And then we may go one step further and say that our tongues are means whereby we project our thoughts and desires into the souls of others.

Exposition of Ephesians 2:4-10

To the former verses of this chapter, the verses 1-3, we have allotted four articles. At the beginning of the last of the just mentioned series of articles we told you, that this was all we would write on these verses. At that time we contemplated writing on some other subject at this time. However, after thinking about the matter, and also after studying this passage a little more, we are of the conviction that we ought to also write on the verses 4-10.

David’s Decision To Build the Lord a House

The Ark of the covenant had been taken from the house of Abinadab and carried to Mt. Zion, the city of David, where it was set in its place in a tent that David had stretched for it, chap. 6 of 2 Samuel. The fetching of the Ark from Kirjath-Jearim soon was followed by three wars, 2 Sam. 8:15. (This section must be put chronologically immediately after chap. 6). The enemies successively subdued were the Philistines over whom David already had gained a double victory (2 Sam.

The Counsel of God (7): God’s Counsel Exclusively Divine and Sovereign

We may now call attention to the conception of the counsel of God as entertained by the Reformers. And we may immediately remark that the Reformers returned to Paul and Augustine. This movement found in the confession of God’s sovereign election the power to fight the pelagianism of the Roman Catholic Church. All the reformers were, at the beginning of their careers, unanimous in this respect. Luther taught and defended, at the beginning of his career as a reformer, the truth of divine predestination as strongly as did Zwingli and Calvin.

Hamilton’s Request for a Collection

The consistories of our churches of Classis East are kindly requested to take note of this article in connection with Hamilton’s request for a collection. Due to a misunderstanding, the clerk of our consistory did not acquaint our consistories with the necessary information relative this request to the various consistories. He proceeded from the assumption that the Classis of January 4 had been properly informed, and that he therefore was merely expected to send the request as such to the consistories.

Of Books

Genesis, Lange’s Commentary on the Holy Scriptures, by John Peter Lange, D.D. Zondervan Publ. House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $3.95. The reissuing of Lange’s Commentary by the Zondervan Publ. House will, no doubt, be welcomed, not only by theologians, but also by many a general Bible student.

Part Two, Of Man’s Redemption, Lord’s Day 28, Chapter 1: The Institution of the Holy Supper

Qu. 75. How art thou admonished and assured in the Lord’s Supper, that thou art a partaker of that one sacrifice of Christ, accomplished on the cross, and of all his benefits?

As To Conditions 5

It may be expedient, at this stage of our discussion, briefly to recapitulate what we have developed thus far in regard to the question of conditions. We based our arguments entirely on our Reformed Confessions which constitute the basis of our common faith as Protestant Reformed Churches, and which are binding for all of us.