Vol 25 Issue 09

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Quiz. . . . What do you think is the origin of the following? What do you think of the sentiments it expresses? Is it narrow and bigoted?

The Multiformity Of The Church*

*This lecture was delivered at a meeting of the League of Men’s Societies at the First Prot. Ref. Church, Grand Rapids. 

Training For Life’s Calling

Training in the Geography Class (cont.) The second element to be stressed in the geography class is man’s stewardship. As we stated in the closing remarks last time, the sovereignty of God is fundamental, and only when we believe it are we willing and ready to teach geography from that extremely practical viewpoint of man’s calling as GOD’S steward.

Ishbosheth Slain

The complaint of David that he lacked power to bring Joab to justice is followed by the notice that, hearing of Abner’s death, Ishbosheth lost heart. The text states that his hands became feeble. He became a do-nothing king. His throne had lost its prop. But seeing that Abner had forsaken him and gone over to David it is not clear why he should have lost heart at this time. Perhaps he did not know or at least refused to believe that Abner was carrying out his threat. But this is not likely.

Kuiper’s Parable Of The Jealous Fisherman

In the Banner of December 31, 1948, the editor writes: “We should not fail to mention the vigorous way in which our Church is taking hold of the work among our Dutch immigrants in Canada.