Vol 25 Issue 21

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The Mixed Marriage

It has happened. They are married. One is a member of the church, the other is not, or rather, one is a member of the church and the other is a member by baptism of a church which has forsaken the reformed faith, but since baptism has had no reformed nurturing.

A Letter From Rev. W. Hofman

Dear brother Ophoff: A few days ago we received the August issue of the Standard Bearer and are much concerned about the article you wrote concerning the Revs. J. De Jong and B. Kok. So much so that I felt I should write you and express my opinion and reaction since I also expect to do so publicly in the next issue of the Standard Bearer.

Rev. Petter Replies

Dear brother:—I am glad to receive another reply from you to my open letters. I will reproduce your article paragraph by paragraph and add my remarks as I go along. You write, “Before we consider some of the Bible passages that speak of conditions. …”

The Longsuffering and Forbearance of God

Continuing with our attempt to show the absurdity of the “Common Grace” definition of the longsuffering of God we would call attention to 2 Pet. 3:9. We must bear in mind that this “Common Grace’’ definition of God’s longsuffering is that it is that aspect of the general goodness of the Lord whereby He spares the froward and the evil in spite of their long continued disobedience. In 2 Pet.

A Letter from Prof. C. Veenhof

To have our readers know all the truth about the case, and to do full justice to the Revs. De Jong and Kok, I publish the following letter: Kampen 23. 8. 1949 (DUTCH REMOVED) I translate: Dear Uncle and Aunt:—

Silent In Love

“. . . . He will rest (shall be silent) in His love . . . .” Zephaniah 3:17b